Now Sup Forums, I'm no fan of Black Lives Matter...

Now Sup Forums, I'm no fan of Black Lives Matter, and I don't dispute for one minute the statistics which show blacks are way more likely to be involved in violent crime. But how can you watch this video and say that there isn't a problem with American police? This fine gentleman was a kindly therapist working with an autist just like you, and he still got shot while he was on the floor with his arms raised. He literally dindu nuffin.

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Now that you say he didn't do anything, I'm gonna have to wait to hear the official story and all the priors and misdemeanors he has.

police brutalize more whites than blacks. race is not the issue with law enforcement terrorism, racist liberals who project fallacies ad infinitum are the problem.

by making it a racial issue you expose yourself as an ignorant bigot who doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about. that's all there is to it. if race comes up, at all, then the entire argument is invalid and must start anew. if you disagree then you are a racist. if you bring up race in a law enforcement discussion you are racist.

until social justice terrorists stop being racist and stop manipulating the media for race baiting the problem will get worse.

>be 18 and commit a felony
>released at 20
>free to be murdered at any moment for the rest of my life

really makes u fink

thank god Sup Forums is not in charge of the justice system or anything for that matter.

>everyone outside of moms basement deserves to die
this is the new voice of the alt right movement

How do I join the American police? I want to hose autists and niggers.

Commit crimes, pay the price, sorry you think you're above the law.

But "death by police" is not the fucking law.

>serve time for felonies or minors (which we do not know that this therapist has anyway,)
>it is legal to be shot by police, at any time, after that
>even if you are both unarmed and complying with police demands

rly makes u think

its fucking miami tho 100% chance the cops being black or mexicans so how is it a racial issue and not a police issue


Strawman. That user only said he will wait to see if there were any prior convictions and nothing more.

>no video allowing us to see what provoked the shooting
>niggers 100% of the time present videos that omit what provoked the shooting

Wow really makes u fink....

They were just afraid of the assault trucks on scene, preventing another Nice attack.

Guilty of being in possession of dark skin in the US

kill them smokies

Makes me think some of these officers are paid off or blackmailed into shooting niggers on camera

> But how can you watch this video and say that there isn't a problem with American police?

It's pretty easy, when you realize the problem is with this one officer and not all police.

The police are actually pretty damn good at what they do, but they will never be perfect, and they will never lack an endless stream of con artists and race hustlers willing to spread lies about what the cops did for their own profit and/or amusement.

Or a lack of credulous rubes like you, to rob blind and then tell you it's the cops' fault you got robbed.

Fuck off cuck. You don't have to live with niggers like we do. They aren't human

They also sow chemtrails

these situations happen when race baiters call the police on a random black person with reports of someone waving around a gun so they arrive to a situation believing that they may well be involved in a fire fight. It creates a fragile situation which by design was ment to go south. All the ((((person))) has to do is sit with their cell phone and release it to social media and all the kiddos in the country immediately fall victim to terrorism and propaganda that can be recreated by any 12 y/o with any kind of aptitude for social engineering.

Look at the alton sterling situation and tell me that the company that released that footage didn't know exactly what they were doing. I'd even charge that the people filming where the ones that reported a black man waving around a gun in the first place.

BLM just makes it harder for cops to do their job, makes them more jumpy, and makes it more likely that black people are going to be shot by accident

yup, LEEE-JIT DINDU here folks - the chances of him being shot. if white? - less than fuck all. Cop seems to think the autist has something dubios in his hands, no idea why he shot the dindu - nor had he, apparently.

This is indeed one where the Cop Internal Investigations could (should..) be completed in about 5 minutes - "why you shoot that boy for?" - "hell, I dunno.." - "OK, you cop no more, you going to jail.." - shit happens, gets sorted, everyone happy. But check out the IPCC (UK Cop Investigations) record before criticising the US - literally, about 100% versus 0% in favour of the cunts they sposed to be investigating, completely corrupt and useless waste of fucking space.

So you admit the US has a gun problem?

>parts of the turkish army does a coup
>now the entire turkish army has to be beheaded because everyone is at fault, not just that one group

>if white? - less than fuck all.


AT THIS MOMENT it very much looks like an unjustified shooting.

How about we don't act like the BLM niggers and just wait since there is not actual video of the shooting proving anything

Police are shit but nogs execute just as many cops.

As long as both are violent they'll just keep killing one another. Really not much to debate here

then coup again, blood for the blood god

The point of this should be improper conduct wether from civilians or law enforcement should be addressed and the guilty party reprimanded

If it's truly about equality impartial reasonable judgment should rule the day


do I really need to care? let the niggers and cops kill each other. it only helps feed the ultimate happening

i love how no one in here says he deserved it, yet that is exactly the false dichotomy you troll after. the same 15 year olds for months ...

i honestly do not believe this board is moderated any longer.

America is fucking imploding. Just keep that shit down there, please.

no, ll admit that the U.S has been saturated with so much propaganda that the population of our nihilistic youth is delusional and can't into reason anymore.

Their so brainwashed by propaganda and the bitch about it is, its the most intelligent/educated/refined group that is most affected,

something like getting into the mind of a really intelligent creature when they're young that 1+1=1, so they progress through life believe this as truth and their vastly intelligent brain can go on ad infinitum trying to make 1 out of 1+1 and they think their right because they have the solution already but they don't realize that their still lost in their work trying to prove it

Holy shit you people.

Can't believe you associate with us. Animals.

Go back to Sup Forums

priors are unrelated factors you fucking fool. Any reason to give cops the right to shoot anyone because they did something 10 years ago.

Do you guys ever draw the line between citizen and criminal? I draw it as a person in the current act of a crime. Everyday life is not an "on going crime scene" for people with priors.

Where's the fucking evidence?

>what someone did in the past reflects what he is doing right now

Never got this. He could have spent 10 years in prison and it still wouldn't justify shooting him for doing nothing wrong now.


They cut out the part where the black man resists arrest and gets shot. They shot him in the leg too, so no big deal.

From what I've heard it sounds like it was an accident. Supposedly after he was shot he shouted at the cops "Why did you shoot me!?" and the officer who fired shouted back "I don't know!"

It sounds like someone twitched and just kept going, and then realized what had happened. Of all the cases in the past few years, this is probably the one where someone will get dismissed because it clearly shows a failure to be properly trained in handling your firearm.

Just '1' bad cop.

>video of gang beatings of people whom have surrendered because the cops didn't wear their running shoes that day.

The problem is also when a officer fucks up, he isn't punished at all. Yes this happens a lot. This guy will probably get a few weeks suspension and be right back at work.

Serious question:

Who are the fuckfaces that are shilling this video so hard?
Every other comment made in these threads is REALLY MAKES YOU THINK tier, like:
>I'm not a liberal buuuuut
>You gotta admit this looks really bad
>Man, how did that cop not know what he was doing?


Shut up BLM-enabler cucks, its really easy to say you're innocent when the only evidence we have of the story is 5 seconds of footage showing some nigger lying on the ground.

This just proves thart libcucks really don't need any facts to support their conclusions.

Read the posts again. That was a LITERAL strawman. The first user made no argument so the dude I replied to constructed a strawman and tore it down so he could shitpost about invisible arguments.

Your feelings or other strawmen you seek to construct are irrelevant and belong in the trash.

No one was being arrested you retard. They were called out because someone thought the autistic kid was going to commit suicide, no one was going to be fucking arrested.

you're a loser dude

>From what I've heard
>From what I've heard
>From what I've heard
That's all these comments ever are.

There is no evidence of anything yet.

I'm right there with you

But... cops have been getting summoned by phony calls and getting murdered by black people at an alarming rate over the last few weeks.

The cop dun goofed, hard. But there's a reason he was more trigger happy than he needed to be. The nigs want a war, and whoever is controlling them is doing a very good job of setting up contingencies to push us closer to the brink

>catching a beating for being a disrespectful, irresponsible, dangerous shithead

beatings are as American as apple pie and baseball

you sound like someone that needs your ass whooped

Is there any stats about how many cops are killed a year by blacks? Because someone posted the stats about how being a police officer isn't even in the top 10 of most dangerous jobs in the US.

>pirate one movie
>get caught

>A LITERAL nigger complaining about dindus
Don't you have an olympic games to be preparing for or something?

only 50 cops were killed last year. Blacks killed 17 of them

Show where the officer was intentionally aiming for him.

To explain for you, a guy who's been arrested MANY times has an obvious habit of being unable to behave in a respectful and intelligent fashion, and his word has been devaluated.

Thus, saying "Oh yeah, take my story on faith alone that I was shot FOR NO RAISIN" is something you should take with a grain of salt if he is a criminal.

Nobody's saying police shoot you on the basis of you "deserving" it, the point is that if a guy has been arrested 50 times and the recording doesn't show what he did, chances are that he did in fact do something.

Ever notice how these recordings always omit the part where the black guy was allegedly not doing anything wrong? Ever wonder why that is?

>But... cops have been getting summoned by phony calls and getting murdered by black people at an alarming rate over the last few weeks.
More than just the mass shootings? Do you have a source on that?

Then shoot yourself the next time you go over the speed limit or lane change without a signal (>implying youre old enough to drive)

I'm whiter than anyone you ever met in your pathetic life, you retarded burger.

>From what I've heard
I'm not retarded, I'm talking about what was printed in the fucking newspaper. This isn't just some comment I heard from Cletus on the dirt road five minutes away.

That still doesn't justify gunning them down for literally walking down the street.

>I'm white
What, are you on vacation from Argentina?

Perhaps you should be more concerned about sand niggers in brit bongistan

Currently when a cop is apprehending a nigger, a cop is 200 times more likely to be killed than the nigger is.

As a result, police brutality against blacks could be 200 times more prevalent and it STILL wouldn't be a one sided problem.

He didn't die, did he? So who cares?

What, is that what you heard on NPR or something?

Nice troll.

That's because there are more whites than blacks.

Again, nice troll.

They are, it has already been confirmed on a secret audio recording from a police officer.

He easily could have. Any gunwound is potentially fatal.

You should be more concerned at the fact that they have 0 problem shooting mentally disabled people

Poor reading comprehension, friend?

Literally nobody disputed that.

Unfortunately, in these cases we have no proof that he was just minding his own business. All we have is the guy who was shot saying "oh yeah I wasn't doing anything wrong."


>re as American as apple pie and baseball
>i read it in the paper so it has to be true

gb2reddit, lurk moar, or die in a fire newfag.

Single fact to back that up?

Where's the video then?

He fucking pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. It doesn't take Sherlock to figure out he did it on purpose.

>That's because there are more whites than blacks
When you adjust for the percentage of violent crimes committed by black people versus those committed by whites, as well as the population proportion, then whites are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to be harmed in an encounter with police.

this is a side effect of low cop wages

excluding the people who are powerhungry and the select few who are actually trying to make a difference in their community, the majority of people signing up to be cops are too often incompetent, mentally weak dumbasses who have no other options

it really is dangerous having them running around armed and throwing themselves into volatile situations

maybe some nignog saw the autistic kid having a fit and in her ignorant and hateful heart she wanted him removed from the street so the nigress called the cops and said he was waving around a gun and got him shot. BLM has made me racists as fuck. Fuck.



It was five seconds, you think they tried to arrest him in five seconds? How would they even pull that off when it's specifically reported that they didn't advance on him until AFTER he was shot?

mmm your racism is showing


All fucking cops are good for really is cleaning up the mess and arresting somebody. After the crime already took place.

Not once have I ever heard of a cop defending a civilian at home or anything. At least here.

What I have heard about many times is firearm owners defending themselves and their families with their own guns 2 hours before the fucking cops could be arsed to show up

The cops where I live are corrupt and basically get a slice of the drug money. They're more interested in stopping people for going 2km over the speed limit than actually saving anyone's life of shit hits the fan

We have a government problem.

it's called trigger discipline for a reason
this asshat clearly didn't have it

where did you say this? Were you there? Have you seen video footage of the shooting? or are you just believing in what the dindu is saying even though he doesn't provide any sort of evidence to back that up?

>lets just make widely obnoxious accusations with serious consequences without having any of the facts because fuck society and laws and civilization and stuff. Ill never have enough pokemon to lose my virginity anyway

killl yourself

You're pathetic and disgusting.

Yes, this shooting appears to be unjustified. But the man survived. The cop will be charged (assuming no additional facts come out). Justice will be served. Was this event more tragic than all of the white people assaulted by blacks yesterday? Was this event more tragic than all of the white people murdered by blacks yesterday?

Of course not. Why are you so upset about this event?

Because you've accepted the legitimacy of cherrypicking practiced by BlackLivesMatter.

You've resigned to the notion that whites must have collectively near-perfect behavior, or else black mobs will continue to take more and more and more from us.

> You've resigned to the notion that whites must have collectively near-perfect behavior, or else black mobs will continue to take more and more and more from us.

You've resigned to the notion that whites must have collectively near-perfect behavior, or else black mobs will continue to take more and more and more from us.

> You've resigned to the notion that whites must have collectively near-perfect behavior, or else black mobs will continue to take more and more and more from us.

We need to stand up, not grovel. Our innate politeness is not working in this situation.

You're going to lose everything if you don't change.

>m-muh race war

The Switzerland have guns and a government and doesn't have these problems.

You have a nigger problem.


It's solely a police issue which is why you'll see it quietly disappear and not a single chimpout or riot or protest will occur because of it.

BLM are not a sincere movement, you know that, they're merely black revolutionaries who are being co opted by the democrats to garner much-needed black turnout for the election.

And this proves that the police officer was in the right... how?
He has a fucking bullet in him, I'm pretty sure the police officer pulled the trigger.

>The nigs want a war, and whoever is controlling them is doing a very good job of setting up contingencies to push us closer to the brink

People are brainwashed user. don't perpetuate it by being a useful idiot to flame the fans of BLM but dont refrain from speaking the truth either

The cop was wrong to do it but who the fuck can blame them for being on edge around black people after all that's happened.

cops in Miami start with 50k.

>This fine gentleman was a kindly therapist working with an autist just like you

Ooh. You got me there!

there was a video you nigger.

What is it about false flag do you not understand.

Your entire BLM movement is a fallacy and you're all being played for retards.

I'm pro cops. But this so far seems a case of someone being trigger happy. Thankfully other officers held their fire, and although people were injured, everyone's alive.
I'd like to know what weight the officer that shot him has his trigger at.

It's a nigger. Who cares?