Name my band Sup Forums

Name my band Sup Forums

tomislav 'n' the kangz

muhamad muhamed and muhamat

kings of le'bomb


The Allahu Akbars

The Mountain Goat Fuckers.

Goat lives Matter

The rapists

Minority report

Glendale Trunk Cologne Cartel

My Bloody Palestine

Highway to Cologne

Death cult for cutie

The 15 Year Old Syrians No Sorry I Don't Have A Passport

Nice Attack

Kool Klox Klan

Muhammad and the Explosions.

And they all wear giant wall clocks like Flava Flave

Stoned Sour
The Pretty Neckless
Bombing Benjamin
Allah That Remains
The Bomb Jumpsuit Apparatus
Escape the Blast

>The back street jihad
>Lebanon Park
>Rage against the crusade
>Earth,Wind and Allah

Fuck off to Sup Forums