Would you find grillettes likable if you didn't have libido anymore?

Would you find grillettes likable if you didn't have libido anymore?


you don't. if it wasn't for wanting to fuck them women would be of no interest whatso ever

nope, not at all, very few of them are alright though

if there was an alternative. like a third sex, that men could fuck with, women would either be extinct in one generation or they would start behaving normal again. women are not friends. we tolerate their shit because they monopolize pussy.

That's very antifeminist of you.

When AI robot sex maids are perfected to the level of Bladerunner, women will be deprecated.

This. As long as it would be coupled with some technology to reproduce.

We could just splice the genome of women with that of pets, so they will become more docile.

That will take minimum 80 years, 100% realistic more likely hundred of years.

Only if they look good

Or better looking than some bruhs

women are a meme

I bought a Tenga Flip Hole Black and it's honestly a 9/10 when compared to a tight pussy at 10/10. Why do I need a woman?

My libido has been shot for a few years, and no, I have no desire to associate with women about anything

I don't really have a libido anymore anyway, I just keep up the charade because I'm looking for a decent woman to raise a family.

>dat bush on the brunette

This is Sup Forums
You're looking for

>if there was an alternative. like a third sex, that men could fuck with

Tgirls, although I assume you mean reproduce rather than just fuck.

yes, the better ones make food and tidy without asking

if you remove vagina and tits
women are fucking boring

> I don't really have a libido anymore anyway

"Hi there, would it be OK if I could jerk myself off with your baby hole? I'll wrap my dick in a plastic bag so I don't get a disease."

Only about 2 or 3 women in my life I've met that I consider genuinely a fun and interesting person

So for the most part no if I had no Libido I would probably never talk to a woman again

but tgirls are ugly men. maybe genetically engineered catgirl tgirls

Yes. Beyond sex I enjoy feminine things. I enjoy their cuteness and I like how they like to decorate things. I appreciate femininity.

That's part of why I hate feminists so much. Feminists want to make all females into men.

Feminists never celebrate women for being women. They call any woman who behaves like one oppressed. They call women who behave like men icons.

You could be their friend.
Before you negate their friendship and say you couldn't see them as anything other than what you currently see them as, basically if you can't see them as friends.
Ask yourself "have I ever watched porn?"
If the answer is yes, your opinion is invalid.

Here's a good example. I don't find this sexy. I'm not going to jerk off to this and I don't really want to try and fuck her.

But I want it around. I want it to be in the area doing it's thing.

Part of the reason you guys hate women so much is because feminism has destroyed femininity. Feminism has turned women into dudes with tits and a pussy. That's why you don't like them.

muh dick desu

Troglodytes in Bone Tomahawk has an extreme but workable solution. Did I mention it was extreme?

ausbro gets it