I want to stab her vagina with my penis repeatedly in the most loving way possible.

I love you, Ann.

What time in the video?

some people tell it the way it is

Cruz always had this expression of:
A hurt man
An angry man
A disappointed man

He was a manlet no matter his height.

We didnt need his weakness.

Absolute madman

She is so fucking awesome.

within the first minute you ADHD fool

Nice job Ann

The media narrative is attempting stumping that no sane person really cares about.


Herr Merkel

literally lost it in public

She sounds like she is not quite drunk but fucked up enough to be slurring her words

Stupid roastie

>that smirk after she calls him a little bitch
based Ann

>She's 54

probably on some Xanax desu


Ahahahahahahaha that guy had no idea how to respond.


I do love me some benzos

Does she get prettier with age? or does attraction go way up when a person calls rato a little bitch on live tv?

>dat shit eating grin after she said it

I love you Ann.

Want to cummy in mummy ..

Politics would be so much better if every politician was openly calling one another bitches, shitheads, assholes, fucking morons, etc.

She isn't married and doesn't have children.
Children suck the life out of women.

Muh nigga.

This election season is thrilling, scary, and simply fucking nuts. I love it.


Hate this cunt, but I love superliminal politics. So torn.

Man. Ain't no body got time fow dat.

>superliminal politics

Nigga we livin' superliminal LIFE, son.

Men age better than women.

What is Alex Jones stance on Coulter these days

In my early AJ days he absolutely hated her and spent lots of airtime dissing her, but she is fucking based

start at 1:00 go up to 1:05

She used to defend the Bush family right? She was anti-politically correct, but she fell for the Bush deception.

I think everyone who supported Bush and now supports Trump needs to be forgiven


That ain't mummy you dummy

Hate cruz but considering that the shitslinging between the two of them are we really surprised? Trump insulted his wife, kudos for Cruz growing some fucking cajones for once. Not endorsing Trump is literally the only thing I respect him for.

is a tranny?

goddamn, i want her to smother my face with her vagina

Great meme, raddit.

she's white


I'm no fan of Cruz. I disagree with him on a lot of things, and I think he's a slimy, condescending, human rat.

But these parasites acting like a man shouldn't have the dignity to defend the honor of his family against personal attacks are totally idiotic. Cruz did a principled thing, without regard for the exact sort of shady political maneuvering that everyone's so sick of.

Coulter can fuck off, and so can everyone crying about how it's political suicide. This is probably the one thing Cruz has done that I actually respect him for.

Why isn't she speaking at the convention?!

Ann has been more and more unhinged after she got redpilled about the (((LEFTIST ELITES))).

>1 post by this ID

You're a sniveling coward shill

I find myself nodding in agreement with her more these days, but I still don't trust her because she burns the coal.

Oh and it's even worse. Jews and a poo in loo. Also, Guccione Jr's family is pornographers.

Reminder this bitter old bitch is a Zionist tool that never got married because no man can stand her idiocy and as a consequence she had no children and remains a miserable cunt looking desperately for attention

3/4 of the usa population are not white but you only see this wasp's bitching and complaining in the news.

what a fucking mess of a country tbqh

>1 post by your ID

Kill yourself, disinfo fuck.

Where did Ann Coulter come from? Wasn't she a news anchor a long time ago and then like got laid off or some shit and went full "I don't give a fuck?"

I hate that woman so much. Stupid coal burner.

>2 posts by this ID

Well I guess I'm now a #skudmissile

This has been debunked time and again, including by Don Black.

Post your face when you realise you can now go and post on reddit that even ted cruz has more integrity than bernie sanders

cruz is a little bitch anyway

where the fuck do you get that number from?

"Cruz is a little bitch."

the best

She is one of the few trannies that isn't TOTALLY insane.

he's a little bitch that can't get over it.

I don't know, UK Parliament looks like a shit show

is she a trannie ???? i believe she has a eating disorder i can't tell in 2016 no more it's getting scare