This tweet reeks of Trumpism. I just love his way of talking.

The way he says he let him speak anyways. That is a double blow. Cruz had no chance against this mastermind.

>Crowd cheers for Cruz's principles
>Cruz says to vote for people who will uphold those principles up and down the ticket

>Crowd boos because they know trump doesn't give a shit about anything cruz has just said and they don't really believe in any of it anyway

You can say he's playing 5D Hungry Hungry Hippos all you want but every news story on every outlet on the planet tore Trump a new one over this and declared the race over in favor of Hillary.

When will they give Trump the nobel prize finally?

You read it in his voice too, huh?

Wow. #imwithher then.

>every news story on every outlet on the planet tore Trump a new one over this and declared the race over in favor of Hillary.

good one, burger

It's pretty fuckin' good. He writes exactly the way he speaks.


>nervous man predicts Trump's demise for the nineteenth time this year.

kek i forgot about the pledge

cruz got stumped

The crowd was booing when they realized Rato was the lying snake Trump said he was. They were booing his disgusting self-aggrandizement, his selfishness, and basically telling people to vote anyone but Trump, which is what "up and down the ticket" means. I see you've exactly copied Rato's own defense from his speech this morning though, gave me a laugh.

Do people not realize this is great news and publicity for trump with Independents

>the gop and cruz hate this guy

the republicans are already going to vote for him so it doesnt matter

Woops, meant 4u

>Cruz had no chance against this mastermind.


In 7 dimensions.

Lol yeah, did you watch the Frank Luntz focus group? All of them said they didn't have a problem with what Lyin Ted did, but they also all said, it makes Mike Pence a much more appealing alternative, in comparison. Most of that focus group was dead set against both Trump and Hillary on monday, by Day 3, before Trump has even talked, the vast majority of the focus group said they would vote for him.

What principles? He cant even fulfill a pledge.

Lmao, that's such a great article title.
Play on Emperor Trump ;_;7

a dimension added here and there, no big deal!

>trump wins twice

Oh no, the media is attack Trump over nothing and repeating over and over that Hillary will win?

So nothing new.

And guess what? Trust for the MSM is down to single digits levels. Nobody buys into what they spew anymore


I am a #cruzmissle now

Lol, the bald-face lying, booger eating, national embarrassment of a politician jumped to your (((Hillary's))) side and you think that's a good thing? The media can spend all their time going after trump but at some point liberals are gonna have to acknowledge that they hold the same political opinions as a man who thinks God chose him to be president even though he lost