Would you actually murder a Muslim child if you were allowed to?

Would you actually murder a Muslim child if you were allowed to?

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i'd drown that little cunt in pigs blood then burn him.


CIA: the thread


define "murder"


and define "child"

only good muslim is a dead muslim

if it was male, yes

why not

The Classic Grilled Dog is a flame-grilled hot dog made with 100% beef topped with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions, and relish and served on a fluffy baked bun.

Nits make lice


It depends on if he is willing to convert to christianity or not.

No and I definitely wouldn't do it by coating the little shit in pigs blood and bacon grease before chaining them naked to a tree far from civilization with nothing but a battery powered stereo playing Christian hymns on repeat to keep them company.
That would be awful and we need more refugees to ensure that this never happens.


This picture makes me really want a cigarette

only if he didnt give up that boy pussy like the prophet demands him to.

Define "actually"

I decline to comment because the answer I give may incriminate me in a court of law

Depends what tools and circumstances are available to me

Reminder that God made all of his children in his image.

One of the biggest sins in Christianity is to destroy the innocence of someone.

I would not kill a child of any kind. They are still untainted by any unholy idiologies and deserve to be treated as such.

If you gave me a "White kid lives" and a "Muslim kid lives" button and only let me press one I would pick the first.

in fucking zimbabwe?????

Of course. Mudslimes are cancer and need to be obliterated.
Round em up, give me a gun and enough ammo and I'll do it all day long.

Typical kraut

pretty sure that some hairy fucking hakbar and his head ragged mustachioed wife make those little turds

America needs to hate its enemies if we are to beat them

Yes mixed up Russia. Muslims are less than 1% here though so I'm not worried

If he had a weapon. Otherwise I'd send him to a re-education camp.

what god would make little brown turds like this?

is god a little brown turd?

you're probably some filthy protestant

and a fucking leaf

No I wouldn't, and most of you wouldn't either, despite being tryhard edgelords.


Why ? We don't need anymore Semites

If they looked like this then yes.

It's funny because it's true, :D

every single one of them


Yes. Can you recruit me in now Mr. CIA?

Is it murder if you just leave them to starve? :^)

Hello there, NSA/FBI/CIA/BBQ!

Unfortunately, most posters here have seen through your thinly veiled attempt at collecting incriminating evidence against us.

However, the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


Ngaikomborerwe nyika ye Zimbabwe
but there's a chance chinese can buy your land.

No, Catholic.

I'd they are ready to die for their religion and are willing to kill others then what choice do I have but to oblige them

Well wouldn't you too?

We need to cleanse our continent from the mudslime scum like it's shown in this vid.
We would do them a favor anyways sending them straight to their god, right? :^)

It's a fucking parody website. No one takes this seriously.

Everything that is posted here is work of fiction.

Raise them to actually think for themselves would be a better option

I don't do that nigger speak.

Looks Jewish tbqh


you're doing God's work, user

Do you thing these children wouldn't kill you

After raping him and he hates it. Ungrateful little bitches deserve to get beheaded.

Nits make lice.

ITT: Nour al-Din al-Zenki members.

I wouldn't enjoy it, but you have to do what you have to do. It might be cute now but in the future it will be a hatefilled murder machine.


causalities of war innit lads ..

>Raping someone

Why am I not suprised?


i would let my dog do it

No, I want to kill a woman. I want to tie her up and beat her burn her and dismember her before finally decapitating her.
It would be so great to kill a cunt. To hear the noises she makes as I torture her. To feel the blade digging into her flesh ending her life.

what about the kiddies in nice .. ok to kill mudslimes then ..?

BND pls...

I'm 40 and from Serbia. You answer that.



This thread is a new low for Sup Forums and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for participating in this cancer

I will give you a DN link


In America a little white girl was raped by 3 arab children, they're little vermin the same as their parents they need to be exterminated.

they are just like us, goyi I mean my friend.

no because im not a muslim

True in a way

Killing cute German kids didn't seem to be a problem in WW2

>jolly old RAF roasted 10s of thousands alive

I don't murder anyone I'm chill as fuck, bro.
My countrymen could do that though in certain situations that involve a gun, a cellphone and the tourist.

Based Hero pol Pupper

I'd stand in line.

A child-soldier? Yes.

A normal mudshit kid? No

They were Germans an bombed my chippy the fokkers eh lad kek

i kill him with my dick


We must wipe out the muslim tumor and make sure it never returns.

>A normal mudshit kid

then opens up on you with an ak ..

You Latins are all the same lol, Raping the Whole of South America wasn't enough for you ?

>We must wipe out the muslim tumor and make sure it never returns.
That flag my sides lost


Just give him a bacon cheeseburger and he'll understand why his religion is shit tier and he should abandon it. There, no more muslim.

go work on that farm nigger ..NOW !

Why ?

No, what the hell.

If anything that flag indicates that he knows what he's talking about more than most.

>t.b Achmed Mohaomad

but user it's satire xD

Tbh it'd be difficult to even murder that guy in your local doner restaurant. But if there is a civil war, it's kill or be killed.

WTF, I hate murder now.


No, I would adopt them and raise them as Christians.

Fuck off germanistan