Is a free market good?

Is a free market good?

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KeK has spoken.

All tries to restrict it have ended in disaster, so...

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Is a human economical concept correlates with a highly debated moral concept?

...let's keep up with the current disastrous state of things?

There's no such thing as a free market. It can't exist in practice, so don't worry too much about it.

data trumps theory
startrek is just a pedoz fantasy

AnCaps are just communists whose Utopian ideal is the absence of government instead of absolute government. Both are retarded, but free market capitalism makes much more sense economically.

Yes, because as Marx put it, free markets create a system of constant revolution, through ruthless competition to provide the most value for the least cost. This produces enormous economic growth and expanding of supply chains. The world is a million times better for more people than ever in history. But because some middle class white people in America lost their worthless jobs, and had to move into an apartment, the whole system must be evil I guess.

Those properties have owners. What message is this image trying to convey?

Anytime capitalism is tried it ended with disaster.

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Socialism works capitalism fails. That breadline factory is the result of people spending money via socialism.

>implying the peopleless houses aren't a result of the Federal Reserve's lending rates which give banks no reason to sell or rent property that they hold.

Why worry about repaying loans when the interest rate is nil? Therefore Banks take out loans from the Fed, and hold onto assets indefinitely because they never have to sell to repay loans.

The fucker even wrote a book called "The Courage to Act" where he talks about how it was necessary to destroy the savings of all Americans and to bubble the stock market.

>Free market
>makes sense economically
Pick one

>Yes, because as Marx put it, free markets create a system of constant revolution, through ruthless competition to provide the most value for the least cost
yeaaaaahhh suuuuurrreee

>Anytime capitalism is tried it ended with disaster.
For example?

America. For most of it's history it was a nightmere for the common man who suffered poverty. It was only with socialism did the common mans life become great.

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What? Nothing you wrote made any sense Doug.

>it was a nightmere for the common man who suffered poverty
Is that the reason why so many poor people went there to live the american dream?

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PLEASE be trolling. American "POVERTY" is better than royalty has lived for most of human history. You're so full of shit

>Poor people going somewhere to live a nightmere
sure buddy

America is proof socialism works. It was doing fine until neo-liberalism.

You almost had quints, but alas by the last digit you were off the most you could be. Therefore this is direct evidence that you're completely wrong.

My argument has as much validity as the one you just made, good sir.
Read less Lenin

>poverty is better than royalty
Troll confirmed.

False equivalence.
Showing homeless people and foreclosed homes are not necessarily related.
There are cheap houses in flyover states, but no one from big cities wants to move there and end up unable to put a deposit on a million dollar house.

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Stop watching Molyneux

What's the point in living in a cheap house when there are no jobs nearby?

Poor people move because they have to, the rich move because they can

That's literally the opposite of how Capitalism works.

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No, capitalism has always worked that way. Homelessness ended pretty rapidly in every socialist state. Commieblocks might be ugly and dim but they worked.










Free money for baby poppers and government intervention. Supply and demand putout of balance. House prices raise (attached with many pension schemes for services, like the NY fire department that had it pensions tied into property scheme that evicted tenants in the UK) and can't be reduced because of this. Its not "free market" that does this but the lack of people taking ownership of their own economies or having a sense of moral duty. Those firefighters didn't have to buy into that scheme, they desired money more than doing the decent thing. They have people boycotting companies over petty slights instead of boycotting those who are accumulating in an immoral way.

capitalist houses are ugly.

They worked in what way?
Increasing the degeneracy?

You're a fool. Right wing brings refugees. Right wing brings capitalism and economic freedumbs on a global scale. You're late to the game so you double down. Which rightist said "homes shouldn't be flipped"? Let alone by foreigners

It ended because the homeless were either sent to gulags or starved to death.

Globalism not capitalism. Mixed economies are best economies. Right wing chicago tools are commies too. Rand is an asshole hypocrite

this pleases me.

>Capitalism is bad because there are unsold homes
Amazing logic

Good argument

Very efficient system you got there. Homes are widgets

Isn't your picture more about enforceable private property rights?

>lowest American incomes average higher than that of middle class in many nations
>needing a wall to the north confirmed

That's easy to do if you murder everybody who doesn't want to work. Those people are stuck in those dim commie blocks for life, with as much chance as a serf in the Feudal era for upward mobility. Does Capitalism have flaws, yes of course, any system run by humans does. At least with capitalism I can own a better house if I work hard, or I can live on the street. The point is, I get to choose.

This gets fucked up when you have specific corporations getting favors from the government, but then its not a free market anymore. The whole point of the American system is limiting the powers of government so they can't be influenced and abused to benefit certain subsets of the public to the detriment of everyone else. The government is supposed to be a referee, not a player.



Where's the problem exactly?
What's your amazing alternative? No private property, government regulated supply of new houses?

>bank bailouts
>corporate welfare
>It's free market

Capitalism or Death!
Get out commie!

who'd have ever dreamed i'd learn to love the australians

I'd love to point out the fucking leaf in his flag,but unfortunately this cancer ideology is in every single country.
Fortunately he's a troll,but to know people out there actually believe this shit really makes you think

For who my leafless man?

While walking through the park on my way to work yesterday I was approached by a homeless lady who asked me what time it was. I told her it was 9:30 and she pondered that for a second before asking "what, in the morning?"

Yeah but at least it's mine.

>You're a fool. Right wing brings refugees.
No, both left and right "Wing" (the establishment "right wing", neocons) bring refugees. They're both working on behalf of their multinational corporate masters. Feeding, clothing, housing, refugees and illegals has become a multi billion dollar business, and the taxypayer pays for it. As well, its an effective way for the globalists to seize power, as the 3rd worlders will always vote for the free handouts, effectively becoming a slave voting class. Go to the polls every 2 years in exchange for your life tokens, they're already doing it with Blacks.

I sa good market free?

gov should enforce whenever the people needs them the most

Yep. It's like natural selection in the market place. Those who make the best products get money, those who cannot provide good or substantial products for the amount that they charge fall. Too bad, we barely have one with all the welfare, corporatism and all that other shit.

Moving a suburb somewhere else doesn't mean that the people are living in any better condition.

And for your reference, in capitalism, empty houses don't stay empty, only government intervention causes that.
If you want to learn more, check out the books written by Thomas Sowell, he talks a lot about housing in his books about economics.

yes. i know it sounds cynical to most people, but energy ( time, work and money ) has been put into the making of those houses, and by extension into society.
>people took jobs
>materials were made, and transformed into a house by said people through work
>taxes were paid, multiple businesses circulated money between each other.

what did those hobos do to ? what kind of energy did they expend into society in order to deserve those homes ? none so they do not have the right to live in said homes because that would mean a huge loss for the companies and people who built them and it would kill the economy if compromises like this were made regularly

>tl;dr hobos can't into homes because they can't into money, leftism btfo ??

Where'd you find this pic of Vancouver?

>Vancouver faces unprecedented low rental vacancy (0.6%)

Aaaaaaaaand that's retarded.

"Peopleless homes" don't happen in cases other than people sentimentally holding on or the like. They're an asset; if you're not using it, you're wasting value it could produce by either getting sold or by being rented out.

If people can't afford it, eventually prices go down until a suitable balance is struck.

The REAL issue is when socialist asshats (and banks sometimes, with house loans) inject money into the system, which makes everyone eligible (hint: not always the homeless) have more money for offering, which in turn drives prices higher.

what is the invisible hand?
(pic related, it's your logic)

>peopleless homes
Not a whole is stopping the homeless people from squatting in said homes.

Sure as hell aint fucking free market for the Homeless...

Or really why did so many Americans STARVE when they escaped the Potato famine?

Enjoy ban troll.

I believed this shit before I grew up and realized shit heads hate success and are good at blaming others. The only fucks I have ever known to live in tents were shit head people

learn more

you make no sense.

Just the police state.

This isn't a free market though, its crony capitalism.

No. An entirely free market inevitably leads to a state in which corporations are a priority, and the people are secondary. USA is an example of such a system - despite having higher GDP, the quality of life is significantly lower compared to western European or developed Asian countries.

Now there seems to be a great misapprehension on the meaning of "Socialism", which implies it's in some way opposed to capitalism, as this guy and numerous others itt implied, which simply isn't true.

Socialism has numerous definitions and variants, but at it's core it's a system based on the idea of shared investment into shared services - healthcare being the most common example. It does not in any way imply an opposition to capitalism or private ownership. In the vast majority of "socialist" countries currently in existence, there is a healthy combination of both. Services covering basic human needs are maintained thru a socialist system, while the rest of the market works within a traditional capitalistic framework. Even the Third Reich was one such state, as was West Germany post WW2 - both of which experienced incredible economic recoveries without sacrificing quality of life (as did communist SSSR) demonstrating the system does indeed work.

Unfortunately it seems Americans have been brainwashed to believe that socialism = communism, which to be honest is probably for the better, as such a system would collapse in a country populated largely by negroid economic leeches.

ups and downs m8

at least capitalism doesn't necessitate the mass murder of any and all nay sayerrrrrrrrs

...a situation caused by rent/price controls

capital restructuring that caused an unsustainable boom in new housing construction was caused by the fed and government policies, not capitalism retard

That and the gubbermint handing out high ratings to mortgage backed securities filled with sub prime shit.

Why do retards think capitalists want people to be poor ?

Yes, because the alternative is a forcefully controlled market, which is inherently immoral (or bad, as opposed to good).

If you can't afford a house, you have no right to one, period. A more compelling philosophical issue is who should receive land, and how, once the government is removed.

Free market Capitalism is the best system.

Right now we're trapped in a system of monopolies being supported by our government. If they suddenly stopped enforcing corporate monopolies we would see immediate betterment of our situation.

>peopleless homes
>price of housing drops due to large supply
>homeless people lower their reservation wages until they are employed
>rent out or buy homes with a loan thanks to banking

wow yeah really increases my cranium strainium

>Right now we're trapped in a system of monopolies being supported by our government.
That tends to happen when your system includes institutionalized bribes. Even if that wasn't the case - most politicians are often rich businessmen themselves, and will act in their own interest, therefore it's not "the best system"

because some people has LOTS of money
so that means the other people are dirt poor!

>at it's core it's a system based on the idea of shared investment into shared services - healthcare being the most common example. It does not in any way imply an opposition to capitalism or private ownership

cool. so if i don't want to pay for your government hospital or your diabetes medicine or gastric bypass surgery I don't have to right?


You have to, but how does that oppose capitalism? I fail to see your point.

>when capitalism and the free market pulled hundreds of millions from poverty

>socialist cucks still think that Marx was right

>millions dead

Yeah nice try OP

A prophet of Kek has spoken.

free market

Literally impossible in a free market. If the houses can't sell then the price is by definition not fair.

>don't get any say in what i do with my own money or who provides this service to me

>fails to see how this opposes capitalism

It's less bad than Communism, but as long as you believe in the communist/capitalist dichotomy you will never approach the true root of the problems plaguing Western civilization.

>cannot tell the difference between two diametrically opposed theories of the distribution of capital because of some sort of aesthetic holier than thou bullshit

>don't get any say in what i do with my own money
Yeah, it's called tax. You're paying it in every economic system.

>or who provides this service to me
There's nothing preventing the existence of privately funded healthcare for those who can afford it, but basic forms of healthcare should be available to all. There are numerous real-life horror stories out there (predominantly from USA), in which someone looses two fingers in a work accident for example, but can only afford have one saved, so has to choose which finger to loose. Putting someone in such a situation is not only horrible but borderline criminal in my honest opinion.

>Costa Rica burning a filthy socialist leaf fag


>Is a free market good?

>ex soviet states are an example of successful socialism
>USA is an example of failed capitalism
The poorest nigger infested American shitholes like Mississipi and Louisiana are wealthier than Poland/Lithuania/Ukraine etc. I seriously wish you had an opportunity to experience the wonders of socialism yourself.

Kill yourself.

look up what a pyramid scheme is. put the pyramid upside down, poof you have socialism that can't sustain itself by simple logic and very basic math