Who else would like this?

Wikileaks considering starting up their own social media platform over this Jack and Milo situation

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I really hope they're not jsut talking out their ass, this is exactly what the world needs. I would sign up first day, no doubt

Why has nobody started a better Twitter yet?
Concept is great if executed right (like Twitter did at the beginning).

I'd sign up too, show some support. Wikileaks has been pretty based recently. I wonder what their service would bring to the table.

The problem with all these social media platforms is that they all turn liberal really fucking fast. I don't get it. It's like these social media platforms attract blue pilled fags like flys to a light

Yeah, not sure. I can't tell if it would be encrypted anonymous or a regular social media platform. I would assume they would build some sort of encryption into it, but putting your self out in the open with social media is kinda opposite of needing encryption.

I really don't know. But they really need to do it

Wait who's Jack?

Bunch of them are from the San Francisco crew, and start the popularity there

The problem is when you go public or most of your capital comes from investors. They want interest on their money and therefor you need to turn liberal because these are the people that spend the most money and click and share every bullshit.

>It's like these social media platforms attract blue pilled fags like flys to a light
>It's like these social media platforms attract mainstream attention whores like flys to a light

they stick to the narrative and keep patting themselves on the back and sniff their own farts.

alternative media is a niche - hence the 'alternative'

We at and endorse this fully. is a fully functional alternative to twitter, using the GNU social network. will be deploying our own hub and linking it soon.

It's the long march through the insititutions.
They'll get mid-level, hr bullshit positions in companies and government that it used to hire more parasites, etc.

Someone who seems to control twitter


doesn't sound to friendly to normies.

If you're going to have any effect, it's gotta get into the top 5k websites. Calling your site 'shitposting' doesn't really do yourself any justice lol

I tried something like this and users were anonymous if they wanted to be.
All I got for my efforts was abuse from this "community".
Don't whine about it now faggots.. Hope you enjoy the taste of boot-polish.

1984 IS REAL

Did he really?? When did he get banned there? Today?

I don't know when exactly, but his friend PizzaPartyBen just posted about 13 minutes ago.

What the fuck...

Why would he get banned on there too? Are the platforms working together now to ban people?

That is some serious shit right there. If they find out that the companies are in collusion to censor certain people


Are you moot?

No. Just someone who wanted to create a bridge between goybook and Sup Forums (social network-cum-imageboard site.)
All I got was shit for it.
I still got the license and software to get it up and running again if I wanted.
Don't know if I really want to though.

What's the platform like?

An image board like this? Profiles? Anonymity?

Milo's instagram account is back
weird they how they took it down

PHP based.

There was (and still is) the option to be anonymous via an "anonymise me" button on the sign-up page for those who wanted to be.

>"An image board like this? Profiles? Anonymity?

Profiles? Yes.
Anonymity? Yes via my first point.
Imageboard? Yes via a menu option.

I wish I knew how to create a website. I have a good idea for something like Twitter

post a screenshot of it. It sounds confusing to me.

I think one of your problems was advertising it to aspies on Sup Forums. Anons fuck up everything

What's this all about? Can someone explain plz

Can confirm. Lots of Venture cap money looking for a Twitter competitor right now.

Addition: The site was hosted in Denmark which is more into free speech than USA or UK.

Also, you have to have thick skin. If you do anything that puts you out there, you'll get shit on. Look at moot.

He was stalked, harassed, abused, and Sup Forums would raid him.

And he barely made any money from this site. But he did create something really great for the internet.

Sorry Ameribro, I do not have it installed.
Will you be here tomorrow?
I'll have a working localhost version working by then.
Frankly I would not know how to go about getting the word out to peeps who would be interested.
Site hosting costs money.

>Milo writes a negative review of ghostbusters
>Lesslie, the black woman from the movie gets upset
>Trolls see this and start raiding her with racist images
>Leslie blames it on Milo, even though he was a gud boi
>Jack, the owner of Twitter get's involved, and bans Milo, for literally doing nothing
>#freeMilo starts on twitter
>WikiLeaks gets behind it, and starts throwing shit at Twitter and Jack
>WikiLeaks threatens to launch their own social media platform to compete with Twitter

This will be our platform to push our agenda. It will grow stronger and people will flock to the site. Our numbers will multiply my the millions

>PGP encryption
>2FA authentiation
>blockchain private messaging
>true opt-in anonymity

make it happen wikileaks or I will this weekend.

Yeah, I'm on here everyday. I'll keep a look out for it. But you don't even have a screenshot of what it looked like?

Yeah, I know that shits expensive, especially if it catches on, you need massive bandwidth. You might be able to send some of what you have to wiki, if it's complete enough for them to build on it as a platform

Liberals are all unemployed welfare babbys so they have more time to hang out on social media sites.

CEO of Twitter and literal bedfellow with BLM leader Deray.

Thanks a lot!

Okay. I'll get a local version up and running tomorrow and post some screenshots.

Wouldn't it be cool if someone made an anonymous message board?

He was a faggot who wanted to masturbate to japanese cartoons as he was intimated by real women

You are wrong.

Technology like twitter require massive server power. One single hour costs about $500k at least. Yes, you heard me. Half a million. I don't bullshit you. Building up a social network this big, requires a vast amount of cash. This is because the "magic" behind twitter, or let's say what makes the website so fast and in the end attractive for the frontend users (customers), requires a lot of background socket connections. You can't even imagine. Way more than jewbook. They have data centers worldwide. All connected together.

I am sure a good developer could make his own version of twitter, but he can not beat their speed. That's what makes them so valuable.

Cool, I'll keep a look out. Just curious, the last time you tried to use the website, did you post it on Sup Forums? Where did you try to advertise it?

I feel like people might take it more seriously now that censorship is knocking on the door

It exists m8

> 8ch

>caring about a homosexual coal burning attentionwhore


But really, holy fuck that sounds ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!

Apple and google wouldn't let you put out apps. It's a monopoly now.

Yeah I know it. But still, he could've masturbated to anime elsewhere, he did put up with a lot of shit

Yeah, I know it's fucking expensive, but I didn't know it was that much.

Something like this:

>caring about a homosexual coal burning attentionwhore

holy fuck guys now they're persecuting me

>caring about some guy who didn't care because it wasn't him, but now wants everyone to be his personal army


It's bigger than that senpai jesus fucking christ.

> so they have more time to hang out on social media sites.

poltards are completely unaware, it's hilarious.

Cucks tend to

>bitter about failed projects and blaming the users

You'll have to change your attitude if you want to make it big one day.

> "The EU is great! Its the stupid anglo goys who were too backwards and racist to get it!"

No. Social media has become a sewer of one-upmanship and name-calling.

I tried covertly here and on 8ch.
I tried on facebook but they wanted four thousand dollars for twenty four hours.

they didn't start with that you twit. Obviously you need to spend money as you make it in order to handle larger loads.

Just because the big guys spend hundreds of millions of dollars making things doesn't mean indie movies and games don't exist or something

Because twitter doesn't actually make money. Out of all the social media websites, kikebook is the only one that actually makes money. The rest just have a lot of users which makes investors think they might make as much money as kikebook one day in the future. But since they (twitter, tumblr, reddit, etc...) have failed to find a way to monetize their users, they're getting less money from investors every year.

Yeah, facebook advertising is a fucking scam. All your advertising gets eaten up by bots, that won't do shit for you.

You need to have someone back you that's got money. But the big problem is monetizing it. It's hard to monetize without stealing info from the users

They need to make this happen as soon as possible; I'd immediately become one of their more active members from day one.

Twitter is monetized. Not as much as facebook, but it is monetized

> they didn't start with that you twit.

Of course they did. Look it up. Twatter made hundreds of millions of losses for half a decade. They only survived because of BIG MONEY. Small companies can't keep up. That's why investors are burning their money in CA. Same goes with jewbook. People like Peter Thiel made an initial $500,000 investment, others did too. Jewberg collected more than 100 MIO in the beginning.

Based wikileaks, fucking USA in the asshole once again. Proud!

Post an editable version soon


ANY UPDATES ON THE MATTER????, because i would join that in a heart beat

If wikileaks thought it could create a platform to compete with twitter, it would

>Oh I could totally be a billionaire I just don't want to right now but maybe I'll do it later if you annoy me


What's wrong with feudal justice?

>A (white):"Hello, good sir."
>B (part of some minority):"Hello. *steals, calls you a whore*"
>A:"Ehhh, sorry? Can you please stop?"
> A gets banned

Yes, very effective!

didn't jim kill frederick and impregnate his filipino maid?

Not being a cunt to people is not actually a "liberal" position. It's just good business to quash stupid shit like excessive harassment.

Go into a place that you think is conservative and start being a dick to people, see what happens.

Can't you release your own apk or whatever

Having gay butt sex with the leader of BLM and shutting down free speech is pretty liberal


I heard him on Larry Wilmore, didn't realize he was a gay

How would someone start it anyways?

No clue. But I'm sure wikileaks could figure it out



ergo; the IDIOT you replied to has no idea what he's talking about

I've never read so much horse shit in my life. You really expect me to believe it costs 4.3 billion dollars anually for twitter to function?

from google

>If you look at their recent filings with the SEC, Twitter reports that as at 31st March 2015 they had 302 million active users and paid $142 million in the three months to 31st March for "Cost of Revenue" which they describe as:
>Cost of revenue consists primarily of data center costs related to our co-located facilities, which include lease and hosting costs, related support and maintenance costs and energy and bandwidth costs, as well as depreciation of our servers and networking equipment, and personnel-related costs, including salaries, benefits and stock-based compensation, for our operations teams. Cost of revenue also includes other direct costs, amortization of acquired intangible assets, capitalized labor costs and allocated facilities.
>Note the caveats in that, so we can't assume that 4 x 142 is the amount paid per year on equipment and power. However we do see that there is roughly $50 million increase in their fixed assets over the same three months, so let's make an assumption that there is operating costs over and above that so we get to something like $400 million per annum. Note that I'm not an accountant and they don't conveniently separate out data centre costs, so this is just my reading of the figures.

>Taking all the above into account we see that Twitter is currently running at approximately $1.32 per active user per year.

Yeah. They're so "fast" and shiieeeet that they literally almost bankrupted themselves with their dogshit technology choices early on. Luckily they had enough capital to dig themselves out of the technical debt they accrued.

Nowadays, knowing what your goals are for a platform, and building it from scratch, you could very easily provide the same functionality to end users for a fraction of the cost.

The real problem is branding etc.

>third party
they could just host it themselves. stores are unnecessary.

you could make your own vcs if you wanted, point I'm trying to make is that you want people to actively contribute you need to make the revision history easily accessible so as they can fork when needed.

chans work so well because they're all open source.

fdroid would be more than happy to host it
the FSF loves wikileaks

i FUCKING love fdroid, where else am I going to get an IMSI catcher from to knock on surveillance vans all day, erryday?

Myspace got overthrown by Facebook and it was huge back in the day. Twitter certainly isn't immune to the same fate, especially with the amount of flaws it has and the growing number of people clamoring for an alternative.