Sooo Sup Forums, what was your favourite pronoun as a kid? Did you share the same haircut as your father?

Sooo Sup Forums, what was your favourite pronoun as a kid? Did you share the same haircut as your father?

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I was and still am genderfluid non binary moon-kin so I prefer xul as my pronoun.

Also did you have a kickass tattoo on your arm at the age of 5?

>Did you share the same haircut as your father?
**Your mother's husband/boyfriend

My preferred pronoun is "nigger"


Only 5 and already a hon.


clearly this guy didn't filter his tap water

glug glug goyim

WTF? Is that Brianna Wu?

Can you imagine the disappointment from the parents when the girl wanted to be called "she"?


>using hair dying products on an infant
This poor kid will go bald at 15.

>Storm Stocker Witterick

uh huh - it never had a chance.

That kid looks depressed

>assigning the wrong gender roles to a child before they hit puberty
Guess who's gonna have a fucked up childhood?

>Did you share the same haircut as your father?

My father looked like this. And yes, I did.

This is why we need right wing death squads

I was called "Killer" during elementary school because of a note me and my friend wrote... school also got a gunman drill because of that

he him his, and my father took me to a barber that I still go to, to receive a proper cut for a boy. Short, clean, nothing touching the ears.

That is fucking horrifying.

>tfw you used the same haircut as your dad if you don't shave your hair down to 1-2cm
>tfw you still do
Who here /badathairdressing/?

Did they seriously just inked the kid's arm? What's fucking wrong with this world?

>seeing mothers haircut
Oh, figures.

> 2016
> not male breastfeeding your gender-neutral crotchfruit

Why are you so mad faggot, he's quite literally on top of the world. I bet you're jealous as fuck.

>slightly longer

bi here

why, tho?

Just dress normally. Plus, they are too old to color their hair like milo and too young

whats with all the lgbt merchandise? thats tacky as fuck. I only wore a bracelet at the st. pete pride festival and thats it.

and whats with the Q in LGBT? thats fucking disgusting. Way to undue all the work it did to try to explain that it isn't a choice by putting in "questioning"

no wonder since they believe you can choose your gender and that its a social. they don't have an ounce of intellectualism .

these people disgust me and I am sorry that you guys had to witness these gremlins. there are plenty of level headed gay people.


I identify myself as a shitposter-kin. Please mind my pronouns.

Naw, doubt they'd allow them to ink a kid, it's probably genna.

>that shirt
>essentially Cultural Marxism simplified for kids

Absolutely disgusting. Degeneracy like this needs to be purged by fire.

good thing is his kids probably wont reproduce...

Aus, cunt and nz?

Probably the reverse is true.

bets on suicide dates familia, let's get this a-rolling!
We have
Pink-faggo Oldest
Shequeer What i think it's a female?
Basically a taller messi middle
Muslim gay pirate oldest kid
MiniSJW youngest kid

It's play-acting. Their entire lives are inauthentic cosplaying. Men cannot nurse. Men will never nurse. Yet rather than inform the child of this, they pretend that it's nursing. It's not really nursing. There's no nutrition. The child would have starved to death rather than tell it the truth.


Honestly I think they'll either realize their parents fucked them up (how is this not as bad as literal child abuse?) and snap killing their entire family before an-heroing, or they snap either way and become normal to distance themselves as much from their fucktard parents. Seriously this is one of the worst things I've seen on the internet in ages, what the actual fuck is wrong with humankind holy shit.

this is fucked. these people should face prosecution for brainwashing their children.

that 5 year old boy wouldnt even know what it means to want to be a girl without their shit parents constantly telling them that "some boys want to be girls and some girls want to be boys"

its fucking unbelievable. i have a 5yr old son and a 4 yr old son. neither one of them have any fucking idea about any of this kind of crazy bullshit.

god fucking damnit


are you saying that organising gender neutral shitters doesn't make you a leader?

this is important stuff user

Fucking faggot

This guy is a dangerous pedophile, how is he and her accomplice wife not in prison yet and his kids safe from their deranged parents? God damn.

They would rather coddle delusion than admit the truth. Of course the children know no better because this is all they know of. I reckon the kid will kill himself at some point. Just a matter of time.

does she even know what a pronoun is yet?

This woman needs to be put to sleep.

Not even for the degenerate shit, but because she writes like a 14 year old kid who needs to be punched in the stomach

The one on the right is really cute


Just looked into this school he teaches at:

>Math, Science and Technology
>-Problem-solving approach - Real-life, social justice focused programme

I really feel sorry for the kids Grandparents the most. Can you imagine how soul crushing this would be?

>Just some average guy
>Start a family with the woman you love
>Have a son like you always wanted
>Work hard to provide for him
>Raise him more lenient than your own hard upbringing
>Eventually gets to college, feel so proud
>Doesn't have much luck with the ladies
>Eventually meets a girl, she seems a bit weird but she makes your son happy
>They have kids of their own
>One day your son comes in looking like a fucking fairy
>And your favourite little Grandson is wearing a dress
>Can't say anything becuase you will never see them again and it's all you have to live for

Even better is when your grandson asks if he can wear your dead wife's wedding dress for xir's special day.