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Previous >Saturday March 31 - Sky Sports Box Office UK Showtime US
Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker
Alexander Povetkin vs David Price
Ryan Burnett vs Yonfrez Parejo

>Saturday April 7 - Showtime US
Erislandy Lara vs Jarrett Hurd
Caleb Truax vs James DeGale

>Sunday April 15 - Fuji TV Japan
Daigo Higa vs Cristofer Rosales
Ryota Murata vs Emanuele Blandamura

>Saturday April 21 - BT Sport UK
Carl Frampton vs Nonito Donaire
Zolani Tete vs Omar Andres Narvae

>Saturday April 21 - Sky Sports UK
Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco
Sean Dodd vs Tommy Coyle

>Saturday April 21 - Showtime US Sky Sports UK
Adrien Broner vs. Jessie Vargas
Jermall Charlo vs Hugo Centeno Jr
Gervonta Davis vs Jesus Cuellar

>Saturday April 28 - HBO US Sky Sports UK
Daniel Jacobs vs Maciej Sulecki
Jarrell Miller vs Johann Duhaupas

>Saturday April 28 - ESPN US
Jessie Magdaleno vs Isaac Dogboe

>Wednesday May 2
Wanheng "TBE" Menayothin vs Leroy Estrada

>Saturday May 5 - Sky Sports Box Office UK
Tony Bellew vs David Haye
John Ryder vs Jamie Cox

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MMA fans aren't ready for the ass-whooping they're about to get

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me grug
me want see punch war

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just back from my run/calisthentics session
feelin good

now off the library to exercise my mind muscle

It's time we ban every spic from this general

Undercard press conference starting soon

Hey guys I heard a rumor, but you know boxing 99% of the time it's Bullshit..... but they say that for the first time in the history, all 4 belts in the cruiserweight division will belong proudly around the waist of one man?

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Joshua beats Wilder and Golovkin beats BJS.

And there's nothing casuals can do to change this.

thread theme

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someone post Jivin' Joe please

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Apparently the Cruiser WBSS final may be pushed back to June/July.
Maybe to have it together with Groves-Smith around that time?

Wilder has let slip his real plans for his next opponent: Adam Kownacki. What a joke this guy is

Or maybe the Saudi money didn't turn up. That always seems to happen whenever someone plans a fight in that part of the world. They should just let the Russians host it. Usyk is a Russian nationalist himself anyway, so the crowd wouldn't be biased


nice another month of seeing that ad


Maybe, but I guess they wouldnt have announced the date and location so early if they werent sure about having the money.

Michael Bensonn on twitter

wow, that would be a huge mistake.
he needs to just take the whyte fight so that aj/hearn can't hold out anymore.

he just doesn't want to be following hearn's plan and his ego is getting in the way.
if it comes down to that no name bum or whyte, it 100% has to be whyte or he's going to lose momentum.

Wilder and his people arent the smartest, just look at how bad he has been managed

He'll lose stock because of that fight similar to Parker losing stock after fighting Hughie on youtube ppv for scraps. Honestly think Haymon is retarded and Floyd's career was all on Floyd.

Reply to this post or you will never be /humble/

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Yeah it's terrible. I get that he doesn't want to let Hearn have his way, but if he came over here and sparked Whyte the British fans would be absolutely clamouring for Joshua to face and Hearn would have nowhere left to run. Plus I personally reckon that Wilder vs Whyte would be an entertaining bout

If he is dead set on swerving Whyte then he could at least face an established contender like Breazeale rather than a prospect


I bet Wilder's next fight will be signed within the next two weeks and he won't even negotiate with Hearn

I don't wear belts with jeans, got to keep the challenger mindset

Youre at your vacation in Argentina and this guy triple jabs your gf's ass
What do you do?

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i just watched eddie's face off with higgins on sky sports. he's a really cool guy. up to this point i always thought of him as a bit of a cunt who just puts on a nice guy act

I don't usually say this but he's Iiterally reddit the boxer

yea, i agree.
it would be one thing if whyte was just a complete bum and the fight would be a joke, but it would be a better fight than 90% of deontay's previous contests, so it really makes no sense.

i understand he doesn't want to tap dance for hearn and take the path they mapped out for him, but if it's only going to advance your career, why not? take the $4 mill, put the ego to the side and get it done.

i don't have a problem with him not going to cardiff, but to be going this overboard is only going to hurt himself and risk the chances of that fight even happening.
ignorant hood mentality at it's finest, nigga needs to tighten up and just accept the whyte fight.

Goodnight, sleep tight

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I wonder how much Povetkin is making for fighting as the co-main. Must be the easiest money of his life whatever that is

fake news

2Roughly one month after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation Usyk declared (on 28 April 2014) he would never exchange his Ukrainian citizenship for a Russian one and that he considered Crimea a part of Ukraine.[60]2

poor guy.

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Eddie is clearly the lesser evil when it comes to boxing promoters. He's not as much of a true blue boxing man as someone like Warren but he's about as clean and honest as you can get in this business

I think Wilder would KO Whyte round 8. That said Whyte is better than everybody he's faced bar Ortiz and there's not much between them because Whyte is young. He would beat 2015 Stiverne by decision, Szpilka, Washington are journeymen who would be KO'd. Wide decision against Chris Arreola and Johann Duhaupas. I think it's a combination of Haymon not wanting Wilder who's now valuable to showtime not fighting in prime time on his shows and them not completely trusting him as a boxer, they don't want him going 12 rounds in the UK



good fucking riddance.


The Champ™ vs The Gypsy King, FOTY 2018

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I believe in my chin.

He should have had his Ring title taken from him when he fought at Super Welter against Smith, but whatever.`

>they don't want him going 12 rounds in the UK
I think this is the main issue here, Wilder can deal with having to take Whyte's head off first, but he's just trying to strong arm Eddeh into making Whyte come to Brooklyn. He is the Champion after all

I honestly believe all of this is just the universe correcting itself because ggg won the fight

That defeats the point of the Wilder/Whyte and Joshua/Miller interim fights, though. If Joshua fought Miller at the O2, it would make no sense. Just like if Wilder fought Whytea the Barclays. The point of these fights is to get them in front of different audiences.


he's also the only one who's undefeated

Does it really matter though? Wilder Joshua is probably going to happen in Vegas anyway because 20k people in T-Mobile is going to make way more money than some 90k meme stadium fight. I just don't think it's really necessary for Deontay to go to the uk

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