Co-workers starts talking about films

Co-workers starts talking about films

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> return to work after holiday
> boss of department starts talking about how he saw Big Hero 6 on the plane
> really liked it
> I spend the next hour in hell trying to keep a straight face

>co-workers start talking about how they lost their virginity

>most people overheard you saying youve seen a film
>someone else later asks about the same film if anyone has seen it
>you say nothing
>after around 30 seconds someone calls you out and says your name and that youve said youve seen the film
>have to talk to the coworker about the film which is what you should have done as soon as they asked everyone about the film

This shit happened to me, but swap big hero 6 with evan almighty

Work at a movie theater most of my coworkers are plebs.

I heard someone refer to "ex machina" as "ex mash ee na"

>they recommend a flick and now you have to see it after accidentally showing interest
>pirate it and begrudgingly watch it
>spaghetti everywhere

Co-workers starts talking about porn


>the new superman movie was so fucking dumb, why didn't he just put his hand over zod's laser eyes instead of snapping his neck?
>yeah superman isn't supposed to kill people. they don't know anything about comic books


eleventh post best post

Happened to me just last week with The Mummy

Fuck, this shit happened so much with BvS, so many fucking retards saying

>"Well yeah, of course critics won't like it, this is a movie made FOR FANS, it has a lot of fan things that only fans will understand and respect!"

Meanwhile in the actual film...
>Batman kills
>Superman isn't a boyscout
>Doomsday is just a mix of human and kryptonian DNA

yeah man, that's pretty fucking true to the comic canon

Some neets gotta pay that rent boi

>my face when I just agree with everyone's shitty opinions on tv & film so they'll move on, because nobody really cares except you autists

I would forgive that and take pleasure in correcting them. And explaining its origin.

Sure, I saw it... I wasn't paying attention, sorry. It was enjoyable enough I guess, Ive already forgotten most of it. Haha. Anyway did you hear that Elle fanning is dating a black guy?

>has a job
kys wagecuck

My co-worker is not a pleb so I actually enjoy this.

>be Sup Forums as fuck
>coworkers are unrepentant commies and faggots
>occasionally ask me if I've seen X movie or listened to Y band
>swallow rant about the Jews and recycling old shows to rewrite history and meme white identity out of existence
>swallow backup rant about modern media being produced for maximum consumption by the lowest common denominator at the cost of cinematography and variety
>swallow tertiary emergency rant diverting all conversation to the mystery surrounding the exact function of the animatronic Ninja Turtles
>just stand there staring at coworkers and swallowing really hard