White rappers

Why are all "white" rappers Jewish?

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Eminem isn't, hes only white rapper to gain any respect

Riff raff is jewish?

The reason is industry connections though OP

besides that kike Mike D

Eminem actually is a Jew too

OP you're missing The Beastie Boys and Mac Miller as well

>mike d
>more respected than MCA

His manager named Paul (((Rosenberg)))

Yes his mother is a muh holocaust victim

It's just funny that the "comedy" rappers are Jewish, are they supposed to be posing as white people to make them look like corny faggots?

Cuz dey hollyuuud son. yo fukin cracka bitch ass doeneeenoh

Whatever his origin might be, he's one of the very few that carried themselves based on mostly his own merits and skill, don't succumb to the idea that every single jew in the world has a phone number to soros at anytime. David Duchovny is another person that started in shitty commercials and worked his way up to stardom.

No he's not. Idk if that vids a fake or if he was a joking but he's simply not Jewish. He's been a christian his entire life, he doesn't look jewish, he doesn't act jewish, he grew up in poverty, Mathers is an old English surname, he's of English, German, Scottish and Swiss descent, and theres nothing on the web of him being jewish. He's just simply not jewish.

>Yung Lean
> $uicideboy$
>Slim Jesus


Only mainstream garbage is kike infested

You shut your goddamned mouth about Lil Dicky

El-P or Cage anyone?


Eminen is not Jewish. I don't even like any of his music but still respect him for being there and supporting his daughters whenever he can.

He grew up in poverty, something jews will never come close to. He's joking.

Eminem was redpilled by life and all the other ones are drones
>andy samberg
Shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence

because rap music is degenerate (especially the themes that they propose, like rap music etc)

He's fucking reddit-tier. Only the most colossal faggots sit down and listen to that trash.

Because jews have really high verbal intelligence, they're excellent with words

Don't forget the evil Jewish rappers Necro and his Brother Ill Bill who brag about White slavery and making White slave women and children eat their fucking shit.



You are either 12 or fucking mentally retarded I try to respect people's musical preferences because we all see things differently but he and his fans are so cringeworthy I really hope you aren't over 12 please please