Are white South Africans being systematically exterminated?

Are white South Africans being systematically exterminated?

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at least link it you nigger.

No they aren't, you poor little victim. White people want to be oppressed so badly.

No, just looking for an excuse to murder brown people. :^)

I can't click countries, what.

No, only farmers. Far more blacks get murdered by their own kind, but they breed like rabbits so it doesn't really have any effect on the population

According to your map Russia, Iran and Turkey are all more genocidal than South Africa

Huh, I can't either. Guess the site is bugged.

What are the chances of a Mugabe like figure rising up and taking power?

USA in denial.

By what it seems yes.

Well we have Malema and the EFF, but they're still a smallish party

theres nothing interactive about it, it seems

Due to killing natives for years.. but did I care no.

>US at stage 10


all those buzz words, here's another

We're hardcore.

Also based

>France, Sweden, Australia, America, Canada and UK aren't at least light green with sybolization or discrimination
Biased as fuck.

Exactly how is white privilege theories being politically correct not symbolization? How is affirmative action that benefits or leaves out only one demographic not discrimination?

>but muh Asians in education
Who face absolutely no discrimination at all in employment. 60% of IT/Eng workers you motherfucker.

>How is affirmative action that benefits or leaves out only one demographic not discrimination?

Tell that to American universities that have minority quotas. If you're white or asian trying to get into med school you'll need substantially superior grades to any black or spic.

Check out Burma, it's full on Ron Paul. Bless those based monks.

It's some kike website.
We are also at "denial" because we stopped natives from raiding settlements and raping women in the 1880s.

Truly evil to establish the rule of law in a savage wasteland.

Good thing that's not *too* difficult for whites to pull off.

Denial? Huh?

Is it true that south africa has still a segregation system like apartheid? I see the photos on facebook of my former classmate who lives in south africa and I haven't seen any black yet? She has uploaded about a thousand of photos and there isn't just one black in the background. Wtf is she doing?

>Israel is squeaky clean
Here is a better map
Isreal is not so clean on this map.

yeah It sucks , we are there because of the problems in the Patagonia OR for the things that happened when Pinochet was in power

They're stages, not a rating on the level of severity. It's a timeline, not a ranking.

>Isreal is not so clean on this map.

>Victims: Jews/ Palestinians
>Killers: Israelis and Hamas

Oy Vey! They are holocausting themselves now lol.

On the first map zoomed on phone, Israel is light grey.

>Show up to a new continent
>Diseases that make you ill for a few days will kill 90+% of the natives who contract it
>Just by living near them you genocide all the tribes in the region
>centuries of intermarriage have seen almost every white person in America being 1/32nd native American
>mfw we bred them out

Yeah I saw that I was wtf.

>"Interactive" map is not interactive

This triggered me harder than anything I've seen on Sup Forums all week.

As I said not clean..

Because it is old, here is better one

Not in South Africa, but in Zimbabwe

Except when marks are manipulated at the high school level to prevent exceptionalism amongst commonly perceived strong demographics. After artificial, selective standardisation "superior grades" become much more difficult than your positive prejudices towards one group and soft bigotry towards the other allows.

Confound this with the expectation of the strong group and how unmeetable those expectations become we arrive at very real, very provable, very biased oppression. Furthermore, because of the expectations people have, trying to convince people of this oppression instead of raising awareness has the effect of natural scepticism against it as people cling tightly to those great expectations.

In effect, we say oppression and they say white male tears when things don't go their way. It becomes a socially acceptable oppression.

I don't believe it's our place to fix foreign societies when there's plenty wrong with our society.

Weird that they go back to 1800s dorm us but not to 1940s for Germany.

Just arbitrary and obviously politicized. Lol no white guilt here ya kikes.

We are?

>Not in south africa
Dude look again.

Note how the Pali territories were purple. Gee, wonder (((who))) could be behind it?

>Israel not at denial
>US goes back to 1800s
>Japan Victims: WWII
>Ukraine Victims: Loyalists
into the trash it goes

It's sad how the leftist scum was crying and protesting about apartheid decades ago. But now actual oppression, genocide and discrimination is happening in SA they are quiet.

This map is total shit. It's a national sport to hunt christians in countries like Pakistan, North Korea or Saudi Arabia, and they don't even talk about it.

>implying europe isn't under threat

I found a mistake in your post

>Not in denial
>Literally Kurdish genocide completely denied

White people can't be genocided because genocide = extermination + power

>Bias for nato
Yeah pretty much.

What the fuck is a Lesotho? Is that a random country in the middle of South Africa?

grey is denial.

It's the last total monarchy in Africa. They're literally kangz n sheeit.

A kingdom in the middle of South Africa known for high AIDS rates.

Swaziland is also an absolute monarchy

Yup, they cite an interview with fucking Bill Ayers in their claim that the US committed a genocide

I tried to use this site on mobile and it literally bricked my phone.

They are a constitutional monarchy you stupid yank

It's not enforced or anything, but as they say, birds of a feather flock together. You can't force people to integrate when they don't want to. Diversity means each culture should be protected, not diluted together

Yes but since there aren't any christians there it doesn't matter

Only the lower class is being systematically murdered.

They suffer from the same demographic decline as every other western people though.

South Africa is the biggest red pill about why whites shouldn't think every culture is equal to their own and invite them into their communities.