Poland Stronk

Poland Stronk

How do you think poland will fight with iskander?


>Some 100,000 people have now joined paramilitary organisations in Poland. Others - so called "preppers" - are learning how to survive a possible invasion. Now the Polish government hopes these "pro-defence" groups will form the backbone of a new reserve force to help the professional army.

Will France and Great Britain, our greates ally help us again like they did in 1939?


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Americans are doing similar stuff. Good job Polandbro

>Will France and Great Britain, our greates ally help us again like they did in 1939?

You mean sell you out to Russia? Probably. RIP. I'll shitpost with a Polish proxy out of respect.


>At the Nuremberg Trials, German military commander Alfred Jodl said that "if we did not collapse already in the year 1939 that was due only to the fact that during the Polish campaign, the approximately 110 French and British divisions in the West were held completely inactive against the 23 German divisions."[13]

>General Siegfried Westphal stated, that if the French had attacked in force in September 1939 the German army "could only have held out for one or two weeks."[14]


obwiously young Brits and French will die for Danzig, Breslau, Posen, Warschau and shit

but wait, if so, maybe when Russians enter the best startegy is to give up

t. completely destroyed Warsaw

>Will France and Great Britain, our greates ally help us again like they did in 1939?

Of course.
As long as you kill tanks with your spears while riding your horse near light speed.

u mean watching interracial porn and letting your wife to have bull? thats pretty much all u doin

being a slave to the East and then to the West really made us think


>tfw you are bad guy again

I don't know about British Brits, but our 700,000 Polish residents will answer the call

>Will France and Great Britain, our greates ally help us again like they did in 1939?

I can guarantee they will do shit

> muh money
> muh me
> muh new homeland

Faggots. "He who laughs last laughs longest".
Notice the hands.

This all is bullshit propaganda. Dumb fucking Polaks think Russia is a threat.
NATO holds top in Warsaw to create fake enemy. France is being difficult.... NICE.

Russia isn't going to invade a NATO member.

Very good , I only wish my family in PL would be more preppish in self defense. They have a farm and food isnt a problem and living without power either.

We are doing this here for 200 years, it's called mandatory conscription. We get to actually shoot with real equipment, not some meme, EU approved toys.

Poo education

I'll happily lend my mustache to your cause. We literally evaded a military version of color revolution. I don't think Russia is your worst enemy.

>The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be ... unnatural.

Yeah I cant see why russia would have a interest in invading Poland . They had a good opportunity when Tusk with PO dimilitarized Poland. Maybe Putin is waiting when Poland has amased fleets of foreign battalions on polish land to stage a war.

Im more concerned about the banderas being a 5th column in PL.

Ukraine is but never turn your back to the big russian bear.

hahahah, whe shit hit the fan, they will be more british than british quenn.

On the other hand. What are they going to die for?

A country that could not make it because in 1990 security forces and police were full of commie and for next 25 years they were stealing shit?

Main reason why our army is like it is, is that there were going massive frauds on the top.

Commie are reptilian tier when it comes to intrigue involving multibillions contracts

we have a good bit of anti islam militias in texas and arizona.

>the cowards will return to fight for the motherland
Sure. pic related is the Polish expat brigade


3rd generation pol i lost all polish language in my family but if any attack on my ancestry homeland i will have to go and fight and defend.

Its never too late to learn some polish

That was actually quite funny.
Nice one


Brit-fag here, no idea what our government would do but I am with you. Based Poland can of into war!

i know a little polish but it's a hard language to learn.

Isn't all of this coming down to what Grzegorz Braun said.
The jews are pushing for an island state in Poland though the you Polish youth needs to eliminated from the picture, therefore just send them off into a war where they will be slaughtered.


Like they did in 1944 with the Warsaw uprising

Oh yeah, I can already see how Polish immigrants drop their jobs, pack their stuff, leave their families in UK and go fight for country that is the main reason why they left it.

In any case they'd probably first test the waters by liberating the Russians trapped in Latvia.

>He doesn't know about the Americans oreoaring for the war



Polan stronk, we nevar gonna give up!

That fucking cunt. Covers her head to go talk to an imam. Doesn't understand that they do this so they aren't obligated to beat the shit out of her, doesn't understand that women are not equal under Islam. I just can't wrap my head around it

You better secure western borders too, Bolek.
Prepare to repel real Germans Achmed and Jamahl.