UK 2022

the only home defense that is left.

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When will this meme end?

When we ban all Americans. MAKE POL GREAT AGAIN!

Nah. That'll be a five year mandatory sentence. There's actually a growing movement here to repeal the handgun ban, but it's mainly older guys. Most brits shit themselves seeing a picture of a gun. I don't know how we became such weapons faggots.

death by splinters.

When you can buy a butter knife under the age of 18 in the UK and there aren't knife surrender bins on the street.

So never.


They kill vampires too so jokes on you, faggots.

Did someone say home defence?



Remember, what you are seeing here is the end result of gun control. Ban guns, shit still happens. Ban different guns, ban knives, then pointy sticks. Finally they will come for fists and teeth.
Use us as a lesson and don't give an inch on 2A.

Time to empty your cupboards and clear your garden or receive an unlimited fine and 6000 years in prison.

Fucking hell Daryl, don't make me call the rozzers on you

I'm hoping

wasn't that twitter page just takin the piss

no. this is serious fucking business.

>couple bows and knives

To be fair, nettles are a cunt of a thing to use as a weapon, but they might as well cut down trees to keep the branches away if they're going to classify a weed as a controlled weapon.

They can come and take them.
Broadheads pop through stab jackets and slice through kevlar like animal hide, the slingshot can fire arrows, darts, or good old .45 lead balls.
I remember I got a rabbit (farmer lets me use his land so long as I clean up litter and shit for him) with a .45 lead ball out of that slingshot and it's head fucking exploded.
Was fucking funny as shit too, was leaving with my dinner when two teenage grills came into the field to get around a public walkway blockage, they see me walking towards them dripping a huge trail of rabbit blood as I carry it from a back leg, they scream and run for their life after seeing me, probably with a fair bit of blood on me and this rabbit with bits of skullbone and brain dropping off between two intact rabbit ears.

>a recurve

You can't even own a compound bow?

Nope. Genuine metropolitan police update:
The first comment about the guy losing his mum to a bike wheel is great. There's shit like this all the time, there's another one somewhere about deadly weapons and it's a fucking snapped off broom handle. I've been stopped and questioned for carrying a screwdriver after helping fix my mates bike.



As I sit here, I have 2 guns in my car, 1 on my waist and another in transit set to arrive Monday.

God I love freedom.

>tfw immune to nettles
i just roll around in that shit like a clownfish so anyone that touches me is fucked

too bad i have never felt the warmth of another human being

Blimey lad, we're gonna need a bigger bin

>click image hoping to see some wacky door trap rig
>its just some bows and britbong legal knives

M80 it's the UK.
I've played around with a Glock and an AR15, still like the old crossbow. Most shootings with crossbows have an 80-90% fatality rate due to the fact that they cause massive bleeding, firearms are somewhere around 60.
And they tear soft body armour like kevlar a new one.
Perfect for the happening.

Besides if I did have a gun or a couple of pipebombs or the like, I'm hardly going to post them on the most secretly Sup Forumsiced board. I'd rather not bother with firearms or explosives. I've always wanted to make a fragmentation arrow for the crossbow though, simply lathe a criss-cross pattern into the aluminium and fill with 'reenactment powder' then put a percussion cap on the tip.

Check this out steyr .50 cal, UK legal.

It's not we can't own long guns, the process it's such a bit cheaper, and you have to give police anytime access to your home. Plus mandatory sentencing for minor infringements


They look pretty dangerosu to me, better bin them before someone dies.



*Bit cheaper = bitch
Fucking autocorrect. Swear it's made by kikes.

Watch it Bong, that's hate speech. I remember when you guys were cool.





Don't be sick. Bin that stick.

That one on the left looks a little too sharp matey come with us


>farmer lets me use his land so long as I clean up litter and shit for him
>t. Pajeet

when i was young we had sting nettle war.

That's the pic I was looking for

Hey Brexitbong, how are the mussies treating you today?

>Wow look at the problems in X country, it almost makes me forget the fact that mine is going down the shitter!
shill thread

>Your father's crossbow. This is the weapon of an Anglo. Not as clumsy or random as an AR15. An elegant weapon... for a more civilized age.


How do construction workers with axes and knives evade jail in little england?

Bin it made me lol.

>living in such a shithole that you need multiple firearms to stop enraged blacks barging into your homes and taking all your stuff
Glad I don't know what that's like

You can, he's just a poorfag

That was a decent post, kys.

Also the weapon of the Anglo is a longbow and a first rate ship of the line covered in cannons.

How does it feel to not have a first amendment britcucks?

Do all of you follow the law like a good little bootlicking cuck boys?

Anyone who isn't a law abiding cuck can get some serious weapons.

muslims are taking your women and children at alarming rates, son


>and they tear soft body armor like kevlar a new one
your kiddy steel point crossbow point wouldn't cut kevlar. If the kevlar's woven (as it usually is) it'll go through because the point pushes it apart. A knife is just as effective against kevlar.

But American Soldiers have PLATES. Plinky plinky motherfucker.

spelling it correctly would imply there are different races and it might offend someone

>having a set in stone constitution

sound's pretty cucky to me, literally every single British Law is debateable and changeable

>land of the free


By only carrying them at work. There's footage somewhere of a forestry commission worker getting fucked. Gets stopped and searched coming home from a squirrel cull, and had his work air rifle under his truck seat.
Chefs can carry a set of up to 9 inch knives if they are properly secured in a knife roll...


Dindus are taking your country at an alarming rate son, not to mention SJWs and feminists. When are you going to put those guns to good use? Oh yeah, never. Stay cucked pussy

No they can't take Compound, Cross or Recurve bows at all you lying sack of cunt slime, so fuck off.

t. Own a compound.

Have you seen the state of the roads and infrastructure? They've all been locked away.


The Constitution is fantastic, all of our most important rights are there and they are extremely difficult to remove.

Liberals and progressives cry endlessly over this very fact.

Kek. Also checked.


>haha you guys are guaranteed inalienable rights

fucking what nige
are you serious


Try again.

yeah we had plates in afghanistan and when we went on patrol we'd have to march like 80 meters, stop and rest for a minute, and repeat. It took us 6 hours to patrol 4-5 miles. Meanwhile, the afghans are almost sprinting around us, up and down the terrain, like mountain goats.

We were completely ineffective on foot because of that fucking body armor.

>implying dindus
They abort themselves into stagnation. The spics are the ones flooding in.

Spelling it correctly would imply you're not a retarded yank, which is of course wrong

Lmao. Pol is on point with the laughs today.

You can kill any man with one hit to head with your hand. You really don't need anything. Of course if there are many crooks you need backup, but wouldn't be great if American houses had doors with real wood so you couldn't just punch through?

Ever hear of amendments?

And you need to be able to change every year to change accordingly to increasing cuckery.

Yeah I have ceramic SAPI plates for my carrier. Front, back, and sides. And no I don't play dress up in it. It just sits there in storage loaded up in the slim chance I need it.

Not to mention woven soft armor is fucking expensive. Ceramic plates are usually cheaper than quality soft armor.

You're not located in London I presume?

When did this insane "weapon" policy start in the UK?

Yeah. That's why we don't have no handguns, and nearly lost freedom of the Press with the leveson enquiry. I want a UK constitution and our BoR back.

>a good idea

why are you so keen for Lee Rigby style attacks to turn into Paris style attacks?

You are weak now, do you remember how you used to go out on streets with pitchforks and hunt bad people? Or was that just in movies?

Assuming that I meant clean up shit and not do tasks like fix broken fences, remove and replace barbed wire and shit like that.
Essentially there's an outhouse just off the field and he gave me a key, so long as I check it weekly (occassionally there'll be a bag of supplies and a "can you get this done for cheers) means I get someone to write that I can work on job applications and means I also get free food.

I can understand you getting confused and thinking I actually clean up feces though, what with you being polish and everything.

With the dunblane school shooting, sixteen kids dead. The redtop press went bananas for handgun ban. Downhill ever since.

Paris has really bad gun control, they have like 5 times more illegal weapons as legal ones, basically Brazil style gun control, which means gun control on paper, but not in practice.

>wooden butter knives
i feel like this would be a good idea, i hate how actual butter knives are serrated, it makes it hard to scrape the last little bits out of the container

>your kiddy steel point crossbow point wouldn't cut kevlar. If the kevlar's woven (as it usually is) it'll go through
thats the fastest ive ever seen someone contradict themselves

no hand guns, there not for hunting or pest control. they are a tool not a toy.

kevlar and products like it (nomex, PBI) are fucking difficult to make, reaction conditions are like 400C 200ATM with sulfuric acid catalyst and boils off hydrochloric acid gas

both those plates and kevlar will be rendered useless in the next few years when someone produces synthesized spider silk from protein vats

4 spikes? slow the fuck down, lad.

You can make yourself an Eskimo frozen poop knife.

no, you're just stupid
read it a few times, google the words if you have to, you'll get it

The eternal scotsman ruins it for everyone else once again


I've a recurve and it stands at almost 6ft. Longbows would be clumsy unless used outdoors only.
Never liked wheely-bows (compounds) due to the fact that they have a tendency to explode when dry-fired and you know some tard is going to draw that back and let go like he's robin fucking hood if you keep one in your house, same for crossbows, all it takes is for a poorly loaded arrow to fuck your day up.


what lol, we have guns
there are guns everywhere, your just a poor fag or dumb fag, stop trying to be relevant

>tearing through Kevlar

What kind of poorfag wears Kevlar when you can buy a decent steel or ceramic plate carrier for like $500? Deflecting arrows all day in this bitch

That is one tasty looking crossbow. I saw one that re-cocks itself with the touch of a button using CO2 from paintball canisters.

If rigby had been allowed to carry his sidearm, maybe he would still be alive.

>Paris style attacks
Read a great quote from a yank after bataclan. Press were going nuts over two bodies, a bloke died trying to sheild his girl. The yank was, fuck that noise. I'd want my body to be found, with my empty pistol in my hand slide locked back, by my living girlfriend. Fucking based.

like normies do, you know, as you do. im waiting for you to make the first move ameritard