Wtf Canada??



This is ok. It's 2016 people

Post your best Canacuck memes

Cultural appropriation is sickening.


Canada is pants on head retarded. Believe me, I live downstairs from them.

I live in NH and am currently vacationing in Maine and the amount of french speaking cucks is disgusting. I'd take poor spics than stuck up frogs

Haha we live so far up north it's so cold up here. We totally don't just live on the US border and get all our media and products from America. We're a real country guys.


It's (((5776))) Now.

Be inclusive, multiculturally enriching a nation is a must in current year. We all live under the same eye, looking at all of us as equal goym.

Really! You are stuck in the past. We One World Order Now.



Come on.

Now, Goym.

An absolute disgrace, glad I didn't vote for him.

However, governance in Canada with respect to foreign affairs is dictated mostly by the US, and so the fact that you see this libtard dressing up and taking selfies is because there obviously aren't any serious pressing issues like racism or migrant takeover plaguing the country.

Whether it's Harper, Trudeau, or anyone else, whatever Canada is and will become is subject to outside influence.

Yay multiculturalism...


Those are Sikhs, not Muslims right? That makes it a little better, as Sikhs are natural mudslime haters. But he still shouldn't be doing shit like this. I feel bad for you Canadians, how did this cuck get elected?

You dumb fucks just tipped off our deaf and blind security service as to a homegrown terrorist preventing a guaranteed happening! Good going faggots! IT'S NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!! because of you GOAT retards!

If a Canadian leader had a brain, they could challenge the US influence.

wtf why is my prime minister appropiriating a culture that is not his

I'm confused. Are you implying any other country in Canada's position wouldn't behave the same? Population gravitates towards the larger country with more power and money?

Or are you a fucking retard, and have no idea that for most of our history settlers ONLY lived in areas easily accessible via rivers and lakes from the st lawrence? And those areas are centred around the great lakes?

We get colder winters and much hotter summers than you, despite most of the population being along the border.

I don't see where you get off talking shit, considering Malmo is Baghdad 2.0

jesus, sven.

we'd need to reinvigorate and reestablish an anglo-union that goes beyond the five-eyes intelligence.

our inability to suck up to our mother and father is a damn shame, b/c I'm sure the back-and-forth between Canada and the UK/France would be great.

I love the US but we gotta diversify our friends.

Too bad those canacucks are too cucked to realize that their leader is an idiot.

someone is assmad that the US is better lol

>bill of rights get

its Khanada now buddy.



what is canada?

>13 colonies became USA
>??? became Canada

A lot of his SJW crusades are embarrassing and indeed he is a liberal, but in no way do we see this government driving our country to ruin.

It's you americucks that voted for a second Obama term and aren't you glad he got another 4 years? Your leader is an idiot.

Sikhs are bro-tier though.


Just annex the fuck out of western Canada, burgers. At least nuke us if you can't.

At least they hate mudslimes as much as pol does. That's about as good as a pajeesh export as you can expect.

Go poo on another board.

No you wouldnt. Trust me. I live in Kansas. Theyre everywhere.

Or I could poo in Walmart.

>Khal's Day
Holy fuck did Trudeau make the Dothraki real!?! Can he make Westeros real too? I just want to live my life out as some stable boy or some shit inside the castle walls. Not out in the open to be raided and slaughtered by any random Lord during some shitty war I don't give a fuck about and not big enough a name to be in the Game and assassinated by my brother or something.

Canada was French who then fought Brits who then won and agreed to a confederation.

USA is Brits who fought Brits then later fought themselves.


Let me correct that
>southern NH
I am right next to mass and its like the whole Dominican Republic decided to set up shop. These people are much less annoying than these frenchies. Canada can fuck right off.


damn next thing you know he'll pay a hooker £2 for a blowjob