Should we genocide this entire continent?

Should we genocide this entire continent?

Most of it. Save the white Rhodesians, take Islam away from the Arabs (and blacks) and put any remaining blacks into reservations like we have here in America.

violence is never the answer.

Only muslims and shitty tribes.

If you take an African Christian and put him in the first world he will often act more civilized and polite than an entitled white kid. They're okay, they just need capitalism over there.

obviously youve never been in africa

not our problem

No, but every African I've met that was civilized was born and raised in Africa, and every African I've met that's not was born and raised here.

What, have you been to Africa?

das raciss

Yes to Senegal and Burundi. Christian africans are indeed 'more civilized' but still very childlike. Never a good idea to bring them in western civilization where they will only drag it all down.

Maybe some small number with IQ test.

Tell that to the Allies ww2. Bomb them until they surrender.

> World created by several wars
> muuh pacifism



this right here

Starving a populace isn't violence.

I'm sure an Irishman can back me up on this one.

Yes it is the answer you cuck.

Give them anime.

Not needed.

All that you need to do is turn the Western Cape here into an Israel for White South Africans.

The kafirs can have the rest of Africa.

no we should only kill everyone who isn't white or asian

No, that is where they belong. Genocide should be reserved only for the ones that refuse to go back there.

all that and a bit north so you get all of greece/spain/turkey.

Dont bother them for 100 years and they will be nearly extinct.

Personally I believe that black Africans own the planet, regardless of what they can or cannot do. I believe that Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America all belonged to black people.

We already did. The humans were already overthrown.

After Yellow man will go, the Red one will come again from Latin America. And Nigons still will nignog

It's all so tiresome

No. We should turn it into a prison colony. Send all of our convicts and illegals there.


This is a great idea, user who is not me. Allow me to post a picture that reflects my joyous anticipation of such an event in the hopes of inspiring a grass roots movement toward it as reality.

good post.



They still have a retard-tier IQ though.

No, there are White people that live there.


That's probably because we only let the civilized ones into our country.


We might as well. Any other group of people would take this land and turn it into a vacation paradise. But instead we get niggers being niggers with rapings, child soldiers, and AIDS.

Way too much effort.
Just block any way in or out and stop any and all aid deliveries.

The rest they'll do themselves. We'll just have to wipe up some spearchuckers a decade later.

Also we'll create Greater Israel by giving it saudi and iraqi land. It will function as the WARDEN'S OFFICE of AFRIKAJAIL and will rule over the shitskins and make the entire middle east an atheistic anarcho capitalist paradise (((melting pot)))

Tell me this is not a 10/10 idea kek would be proud of. WITNESS MY TRUTH!

But why make a prison colony when you can genocide?

Why? Do you really want the land so much that you'd spend trillions of dollars exterminating every nigger? Just leave the place alone, or use it as a nigger-holding facility.

This is why Too much money invested to kill them. But you can use the criminal system's money to move them completely out of the country and profit off of them in a war-like ancap society.

It's genius. Then when whites huddle together in white-only communities, the shitskins in their own countries will simply commit more and more crime until they are eventually deported to AFRIKAJAIL in Afghanistan or some shit. Fuck it.

That's the beauty, they aren't prisoners in the traditional sense. They're philosophical prisoners being sentenced to the middle east. B


It would put a stop to global warming due to all the forest regrowth, and it would give countries like China and India land to alleviate their overpopulation problem. We could do it with biological weapons or botulism in aerosol form sprayed from fighter jets.

>They're philosophical prisoners being sentenced to the middle east.
Kind of like how Britain used to ship all of it's criminals to Australia, and America.

>China and India land to alleviate their overpopulation problem.
Once they reach the continent, the population of their colonies would explode.

Yes. Except this time much bigger. All the world's criminals and illegals.

>biological weapons or botulism in aerosol form sprayed from fighter jets
That would ruin the environment. The land would be ridden rotten niggers, rhinos, plants...etc.

So all the criminals in the world would just be banished from Valhalla, and have to struggle for survival in a Mad Max style war-zone with all the other niggers? That actually seems pretty cool. (in concept).

>trillions of dollars
Literally all you need to do is not send food aid and the continent collapses

This is the result of kike-like scheming on my part.

I asked myself "How do I make my enemies destory each other and simultaneously save our land."

Then I realized the truth. We simply create an "anarcho-capitalist paradise" the left wing wants so much, but use it as a post-apocalyptic jail for white-society, who wants a country of laws and philosophy for themselves and their children.

oh oh oh just in case you have the power to: Yes.
But do it in a way that gets all of the afrocentric scum to head down there before/during because they are the actual problem.

Sadly, yes.

I arrived at this truth after facing the fundamental problem

BAD people keep moving in to GOOD neighborhoods.

Is stopping it enough? No, we must reverse it. Move BAD people to BAD places, and make it SYSTEMIC.

chopstix always w/ cost effective solution.
>how should we handle Fukushima radiation with a 30 year half life?


>"anarcho-capitalist paradise" the left wing wants so much
While anarchy is a left-wing concept, referring to a stateless classless society, anarcho-capitalism is a concept thought-up by retards who thought that Libertarian-ism meant too-much govt.

But if it's criminals we're talking about, wouldn't it be cheaper to just put a bullet in their head while you have them captive instead of shipping them all the way to Africa?


Weeaboo trash. You'll also be among the degenerates that go in the inevitable race war.

No. Ultimately evil exists, there needs to be a physical location where we can have a measure of control over it.

I'm prepared to go as far as starting a prison complex, buying a bunch of prisoners for it, and using guerilla construction tactics in the middle east to prop up small towns and fight off people trying to stop it ( like the romans did ) so I can IMPORT my prisoners into these towns, and watch them "fight for their freedom" and listen to the press try to protect their lives from the oppressive muslims.

keking just thinking about it.


Oh, PLUS I forgot to mention one of my goals is destroying muslim civilization. Simply killing your prisoners won't allow those same prisoners to wipe out the culture of muslims.

My plan is to make muslims and arabs into AUSTRALIAN ABBO status.

So to summarize.

My mission: To hijack the "American Left Wing" into one that advocates an Anarcho-Capitalist philosophy, and props up an ancap civilization for the middle east in the name of "Freedom" that the "Right Wing" can utilize to dump prisoners into.
>Should be easy to convince these hipsters to make the jump from Communism to Ancap. Both are highly memey.

No. Build a dome over it and stage gladiator fights there

The dead would decompose after a month desu. Botulinum won't affect plants due to it being a neurotoxin. And most pathogens are species specific. We could target areas with high population density to limit damage to wildlife. If wildlife destruction became an issue, we have populations in zoos that could potentially be used to reseed animal populations.

Gladiators were typically prisoners.

This is literally what we need to do. Hong Kong with the fuckin save.

build a wall around it and paint an ocean and sky like the Truman show

Hi, i would like to imply that we have developed nukes in this time and age

Im not saying that we should use them... buuuuut maybe it is in your favor?

contact me on 1-888-NUKE-THE-NOGGERS

Hey! Some of us are good people! At least give us the chance to unfuck our people.

Plus we are the best chance you have against worldwide degeneracy, black people know how to reel that shit in.

No, sorry. We're going to "Free" you into an anarcho-capitalist society and host gladiator fights in it for large sums of cash so you all kill each other for our entertainment. Like ancient Rome, except we have TV so we can keep you slaves far far away from us.

Only an American would start a thread like this. Are you fags losing it or what?


Glad we settled that. Moving on.

When's the last time your country wasn't involved in a war?

...What's your beef with Sweden?

Yeah but 99% of you should still be exterminated.

We wouldn't even have to import lions

Kill the black and demuslimize the North Africans

>mfw this happens in our lifetime

>pathogens are species specific
Not botulism.
Anyway, if any large mammals could possibly remain unaffected, so could niggers. Not to mention it would be virtually impossible to pull off this political stunt.

bet this guy is a christfaggot

The virus is not ready yet.

wtf I hate Sweden now

this, also save the smartest blacks so the new black race actually have IQ comparable to white.

Yes, we have to have "Safe zones" around the middle east and africa to protect the most intelligent among the communities.

This way the evil ones will participate in blood sport gladiator battles for cash prizes from the west and just die out for our entertainment.

Maybe one day in the future, the arena will be empty, and there will be peace.


Funny how people say "Don't come to my country" "save the white race" and then they go and talk about what they should do with non-whites places. Fucking idiotic.

Stage gladiator fights there, but building a dome around the entire continent is stupid.

If any country actually does this, it will probably be China.

Islam pls, go be peaceful somewhere else.


I will partner with China to get it done so the process moves quickly and without opposition.


No, well there are two other possibilities:

1. Block all routes of entry for migration from Africa into Europe. Then leave them to their own devices and nature will take care of it. Of course, the UN and other humanitarian NGOs will cry and accuse you of not respecting international agreements to receive refugees. So, if this doesn't work, it brings me to point 2

2. Create a virus that sterilises the population of Africa and spread it through food aid in all the major populated areas until their explosive demographic boom grinds to a halt. This will obviously take decades.

The 2nd method is non-violent and can possibly be done in a stealthy way. But it takes more logistical investment and planning to put it into practice. The political will and funding for such a plan don't exist at the moment, though.

It's a realistic plan, though. It happened in the past that pharma companies tested their vaccines on Africans without telling them. They basically used their populations as guinea pigs, for in vivo testing.

Some things never change, Tyrone Hernandez.

Just leave it be and the problem will sort itself out. It's our fault for "helping" them in the first place.

this. africa's population ballooned to its current state because of foreign aid. cut them off and it'll come crashing back down.

Yes, they do not bother trying to develop.

Fuck all of the "these people are so innocent and loving look at this HD photograph of a starving child pls donate 14 shekels today"

Only if you fuck up and dont finish the job

>my feel when I date intelligent Russian-Congolese school teacher