BASED Rand Paul Calls For Indictment of Hillary Clinton

This is brutal

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We'll miss ya Rand.

Press F to pay respects.




Rand will forever be my hero

This is who should be running against Hillary right now.

There goes his pets.

Yes, good thing you burgers picked the right candidate

Trump is legit mentally ill but hillary is everything that is wrong with politics.
America is fucked.
(and since we're owned by them thanks to our spineless leaders, we're fucked as well).

We fucked up.

It we had memed Rand to the nomination, he would be 90% sure to become president.

If only Trump could give at least ONE interview of this quality...


I was going to vote for him but he dropped out before he got to Virginia. It was a sad day. I voted for Little Marco instead.

He has zero chance of winning, unfortunately.

He's an annoying little squirt. He's never going to be respected by the majority of the U.S.

It's really sad how he killed himself by shooting the back of his head five times.

There's no way that he would be more hated than Trump.

I had fairly liberal friends who agree that Rand had lots of valuable points. He's a lot more palatable to more people than Trump is just by not being Trump.

>Little Marco

You're a Neocon race traitor.

The jew media has not reported on this other than a few videos. Really makes you think.

I'm voting for Johnson in the general election and I date an Asian girl :^)



That's because the media ignored Rand for being irrelevant. Even the most spineless ass kissing cuckservative will be called a racist kkk nazi once he starts running against a democrat.

It's how the dems keep their minority votes, doesn't matter who is on the opposing side.

Sad that Rand killed himself by tying himself up in a gym bag, tying concrete bars to the bag, and throwing himself into the Ocean

RIP rand.

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton

Spread this.

nailed that lolbertarian look

Rand would make a great secretary of state. Too bad Trump hates the guy.

This'll get about as far as everything else he does lol

>I voted for Little Marco instead.

I don't get it. I would have understood Cruz but how do you go from Rand Paul Marco Rubio?

Same deal with Ron, they just ignore both of them because they both make too much sense and don't have dirt on them. They figured with Trump bullying him and attacking his bold statements would get rid of him, but Trump knows how to take bad and turn it into good. They also ignored Ben Carson, and [COINCIDENTALLY] only paid attention otherwise to Jeb! Rubio, and Cruz. I wonder why?

Still I have respect that Rand dropped when he knew we wasn't going to win, and would just become an annoyance if he stayed. Hes also doing important work right now in his current position. I do hold the hope of Ron or Rand getting some position with Trump, but I dunno.

I sorta get the same feeling. But at the same time Trump is smart, so maybe he could, and Rand has done a good job of dropping out and not making annoyances or attacking Trump like most of the other candidates had been doing. Guess we will see, I really hope.

Rand is great, he should have been Trump's VP.

I was rooting for him before Trump



Any legalfags know how to purchase a life insurance policy on a 3rd party?

>he's not a liberterian nationalist

It's a big tent bro

The part where Rand warns the American people that the Clintons are going to sell themselves to the highest bidder, I wish that could be seen by people beyond Fox News' audience...

I heard he was killed by a burglar who didn't steal anything

really makes you think

Great man, I'm glad people like Rand are still alive and working in our government.

He just had to go and throw in the good goy comment at the end.

same as it ever was

Fuck, Trump should have been closer to Rand and have him campaigning with him. So many libertarian votes to get.

You won't find this story covered anywhere else sadly and unfortunately media cycle will run its course by the end of the weekend.....

Trump is rad. Kys frog.

he still can do it or not?

Lloyd’s of London

Yeah, I understand, and he wasn't telling me anything new. It's just that the point he was making is the main reason I can't vote/trust her and I wish others were at least aware of it.

Rand Paul will do 4 years in the Senate now and then become president in 2020.
He will then make America free again after Trump removed all the leftist filth.

It would probably just be looked at as pandering to steal votes from Johnson, at least the media will portray it as this, call him sad and scared of Hillary so he's trying to siphon off votes from third party in an attempt to win.

Trump is the man we need to stabilize and restore America. Rand is the man we need to free it.
TRUMP 2017-2025
RAND 2025-2033

>tfw when he represents your state and you voted him in

i thought you'd have made a fine potus randy

Rand is a piece of shit corporate sell out.


Wasn't he so depressed he hopped into a bag at the bottom of the ocean?

Calm down, broseph!

We're getting Trump. Once we have Trump, he'll assign Rand to the special Pushing Hillary's Shit In Committee and also her prison task force.

Uh-huh, and I bet you want Cruz as Secretary of State.

Fuck off, GOP shill. This is a new party.

Nice division, shill, but you won't be conquering much of anything.
You can have two nice things.

The only shill here is you.

Rand and his father are pro-open border and pro-decriminalization of pot.

Go vote Gary Johnson, faggot.

I got a boner reading this

>someone who earlier posted in favor of Trump is a shill

Proud to be a Kentuckian myself


RIP Rand Paul,

Died from natural causes after falling on some bullets


>be 2017
>trump commissions Rand Paul to audit the fed

what happens after this?

America is made great

A man can dream

>wake up
>check Sup Forums
>rand paul commits suicide
>local police ruled that the 6 shots to the back of the head from an illegal sawed off shotgun were indeed fired by himself
>police say this is normal when going against Hillary Clinton

>Rand Paul found dead with a "Don't Tread On Me" Flagpole shoved up his ass, appears to be a suicide

She won't be indicted. Everything ended with that faggot Comey saying there shouldn't be any criminal charges against her.

Now she gets to go around to every rally and press conference saying that she did nothing wrong, and was found innocent by the FBI, and that this was just another right wing conspiracy to bring down the Clintons.

The only chance she'll be indicted is if Trump wins the presidency, and Trump decides to go after her (which he wont).

>tfw Lloyds reduced my overdraft when they found out my NEET arse was putting all my savings on Trump winning the primaries

Still haven't learnt my lessons. Putting it all on the presidency.


It doesn't matter if they hate you as long as they recognize you. This is faggots that want the most "reasonable" solution never understand.

Perfect ticket.

Trey Gowdy. Rand Paul as VP.

Why didn't this happen?

Because lolbertarians are viewed as republicans who smoke weed. Also lolbertarians mirror Obama's stance on foreign policy, which is why they'll never be taken seriously by the GOP.

makes too much sense.

also, leftism is a disease that has infected just about every institution in this country. trump has crossover appeal because he really is in the center, border security and immigration control isn't "right wing", it's common sense but lefties have gone too far off he deep end to see that.

anyway, if it were a Cruz or a Paul or a Gowdy they would have been wiped out by the machine long before election cycle. In the case of Cruz, the media would have had plenty of ammunition, had it been a Gowdy or a Paul, they would have ignored them and the masses would have stayed politically apathetic as they did in 2008 and 2012. If the Republican party weren't just shitty controlled opposition and had put someone up there to excite the disillusioned 8 years ago, we never would have had a nigger president.

Sadly he's ugly and a manlet. Women won't vote for an ugly manlet.

Trey Gowdy isn't any of those things you mentioned.

Take that back.

we picked the louder one cuz he's louder

I can see Gowdy making trump look like a fool.

He has top tier bants. This wins the ticket.

If Gowdy ran for President and Rand as VP I would. But if Gowdy is VP it wouldn't matter.

Yeah we should have voted for a neo-con, open border manlet. Good idea :^)

I love Gowdy. The guy is a class fucking act.

But I really don't think he would have been able to excite and mobilize the disillusioned and apathetic the way Trump has. Or go toe-to-toe with the MSM for that matter.

No faggot people were literally saying they knew rand was better but picked trump because he was more charismatic and outspoken

to expand on this, somebody had to come in and blow both of the parties up along with their media arm before a guy like Gowdy or Paul could be treated fairly and taken seriously again. Probably wishful thinking though.

Goddamn it, the one man we needed in the senate is going to accidentally fall off a 5 story building into a conveniently placed woodchipper, RIP Rand.

Rand can't get the nomination. Too whiny, not enough charisma.

He'd be better as VP.



ayy lmaooo

I know exactly what (((they))) were saying. Rand is a neo-con, open borders faggot. He was in no world a better pick. Never mind the fact he has 0 chance of winning.

So in no metric was Rand a better pick.

Gowdy Paul 2020?

Gowdy Paul 2020.

>Open Borders
I love this meme

Don't really care what Rand has to say since he's only like 5'4"


Hit-man Hillary is going to have to see you for dinner Mr. Paul.

>tfw no Trump/Paul ticket

This 2bh.
I love Rand, and at any other time he'd be my favourite, but he isnt what the US needs right now.
Right now the US (and the world) needs a wrecking ball, and Trump is that wrecking ball.

>reading your own link

>Paul says he supports "probation" followed by "assimilation"--in other words, putting undocumented immigrants on an eventual track to either permanent legal status (a green card) or full citizenship. Paul's plan would get immigrants a temporary visa but would not put them ahead of anyone already waiting to enter the country. These undocumented persons would now be documented but they would still have to wait--their path to permanent legal status would be no faster than those currently waiting in line.

Oh yeah he's totally not a neo-con open border faggot, oh wait, he is. Just because he wraps it in circuitous subterfuge doesn't change the truth.


I'd be ok with this.

I love watching him talk with that retarded black guy who thought Guam would tip over.

Trump wants to kick them out and then put them on a fast track to citizenship. It's really not much different.

>whether your rich or poor white or black everyone should be the same under the law
LOL cuck he thinks niggers the same court rights as whites.

Oh right, I forgot, wanting a secure border actually means open borders.
Even Trump said he'd be willing to let them back in after deporting them, so I guess he's also for open borders.