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Good. That "woman" is human garbage.

why was she fighting with security guards? Looks like she was the aggressor.

I find complaints like this really dubious, because most people want to do their jobs with no drama or fuss.

It's only liberals that want to make a huge deal out of things.


hohoho g-ds chosen got a free nose job from the tile floor

Lets break this down.

>she has a handler than can't handler her
>she is large as fuck and this picture makes her look small
>she started it

nothing too see here, just white trash being white trash

I think shes kind of cute. Would make gf

as much as I pity her and loathe the TSA women need to get past their female privilege of getting to attack men and expect no reprecussions

>(((Shirley Cohen))) says her daughter didn’t understand ....

obvious setup for lawsuit/10

Thanks, Jews!


>literally retarded literal jew tries to buck system she helped foist on everyone else
>gets irrevocably BTFO
I see no problem here.


They could have done a better job, but that girl was actually being aggressive. She wasn't just trying to get away, she was pushing towards the guy.

She's a big fat ass with weird leg proportions, famm. The pictures don't present an accurate picture

Article also claims she has a brain tumor that's made her deaf and partially blind and confused. Pulling her down on the ground like she's some dindu with a gun in just absurd. I mostly blame it on the nigger.

Yeah she's probably a jew cause Cohen and I hate jews a lot but I still think it's bullshit. Last time I flew and was randomly searched the guy rubbed by balls and taint pretty aggressively. Flying ain't like it used to be. I remember driving to the airport and waiting at the gate for people. The good old days before Mossad and Chertoff and company ruined it all

She's white, it's nothing


I'm the equivalent of TSA in my country, would love to dropkick some of the drunk frat morons that come through

> rubbed my balls aggressively
> bad thing

It's 2016, nigger

It was like another Shoah. I think they need lots of free money.

I'm pretty sure the TSA did an internal study and discovered that they only find 5% of contraband. My girlfriend went on a flight with mace either way.

>“Make sure that when you are looking at the video, that you are also looking at how I was treated. And watch with a careful eye. What was being said cannot be heard.”

I see a fat bitch doing the "YOU CANT TOUCH ME" gesture followed by "IM A WOMAN AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT" slap tied neatly with a bow of "MUH VAGINA HELP ME RAPE MURDER HOLOCAUST ANOTHER SHOAH FOR MAH VAGOHA!"

fat bitch wanted to slap a security guard at an airport and paid the price.

>Dindu TSA agent vs a retarded jewish woman

Lets see how this plays out in the media.


Your girlfriend sounds like a cunt.

>start fighting with the security personel/cops

Let me list you all the different scenarios in which this is a good idea:



Why the fuck do people resist when being arrested?
Do they think if they can just get one hand free the incident will end and they can go back home and forget it happened?

fight or flight is an instinct, and the... "less intellectually gifted" are more ruled by instinct than reason.

yet another black harassing a real person

>its the persons fault

How do these people continue to exist in society.
Why havent we identified them and neutralized them along time ago?

Is there some law that which states that 60% of the TSA should comprise of dindus?

>Jew v Jew

Confirmed getting covered up.

>grabbing someone for further screening instead if requesting that a person step this way for this reason

They fucked the whole thing up (surprise). The woman is deaf and blind and has autism yada yada and had just had some surgery, and her caretaker was in the middle of explaining to her the she needed to undergo further screening. The cops were wrong from the get go and will get their shit pushed in if they keep that shit up.

>I'm police I grab who I want!
No you don't.

>shills gonna shill
Go figure.

Tame your dick, user

It's a government job, I'm sure they're required to have affirmative action hires out the ass

He was local law enforcement not TSA

I am tsa, it's a load of crappie. We all saw the video

She's fat and ugly so I don't care. Maybe if she wasn't so ugly I would give a fuck.

I know that, but at this fucking rate? They're 13% of the tptal pop but virtually every TSA agent is some fat sassy dindu

Some of the worst white people on earth. Almost certainly had it coming. Deliverance tier.

>Deliverance tier.

Do you squeal like a pig?