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By posting more anime and never going outside

It does not work

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By actually going outside, unless you want Sup Forums bf

Use that gay tinder app, forgot its name (grindr i think??), it matches you with gay people around your area. enjoy having your asshole obliterated.

Move from Russia

Stop what you're doing, reconsider your life.
Homosexuality is clearly prohibited
Save yourself from an eternity of damnation

Cute meme, Christianity is dead

I hope sincerely that you don't reject salvation over a life of indulgence

Is she meant to be ugly because she has six eyebrows?

Are you a girl?

I hope sincerely that you wake up in reality where people think that you're the butt of the joke. You just keep hoping that your sky daddy saves you, it won't.

Where exactly outside? I dropped out 2 years ago and I never go to public events since they are full of normalfags....
I am afraid to use it here, don't want google to know that I used it....
Mori-Mori is actually very cute!

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Why are you so angry? Does the fact that someone holds a different belief bother you that much?

Fuck off Vimto, you lying cunt.

>u mad
Predictable, I'm just informing you that you're actually a joke

But why are you so hostile towards the idea that there is a god?

>comes to a thread spouting his cult nonsense
>reee stop being mean to me

based finn

Why not a gf? are you gay?

Most women seem to be boring/too normie
They just talk about their stuff and talk and talk and giggle

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I think what you need is IRL friend and not a bf