Why are they so irrelevant?

Why are they so irrelevant?

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>white oppress-

falklands are more relevent than berlin

I see them here all the time though

yeah, but I mean, why are they not as relevant as other continents.
They are Africa-tier when it comes to relenvace

Gib money

Is that white stuff cocaine? That would explain a lot about South America.

better being irrelevant than being famous due nazism and racism.
why to be like germany, why to be be racist_ why to be a nazi?
we dont hate , we are not white.

this is a false dilemma
you can be relevant without being a nazi

They've been kept in check since ww2 by usa terrorist wars.

hmm would you say without USA, South America would rise to world relevance?

leave us follow our ideas, for us its ok to be irrelevant, why should we follow white ideas? ideas of nazism and racism? why to copy whites? why to copy the hate?
japan copied the white and they did a lot of bad.

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Tropical communist paradise

is your idea of being poor and irrelevant?

are you old enough to post here?

Muhammad, you are oblivious to reality.

Now go back to your Mosque or I'm calling Merkel and say that you are missing your morning rape class.

And despite the refugee crisis, Europe is still much better than Sout America.
How does it make you feel?

Im not poor to be honest. but what are you? just sad shit, Im gonna inherit millions from jewish mom, enough money to live several lives without working.

now let me tell you something
everything white is racist, everything white is nazi, same as you, what are you? a nazi and a racist
thats in your blood. the hate is inside you.
why do you hate so much?

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Ok, so you are not poor, yet your country is a poor sad shithole? Shame on you, you should use your relative wealth to help the struggle of your countrymen, instead of posting smug frog pictures on the internet

Im always smug, meanwhile you........always poor. white and poor hehe kek.

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>you should have national socialism

you know what happened last time you tried this

Relevancy os overrated, anyway.

How do you fell knowing that your country will become muslim in a few decades?

More relevant than you, ahmed

What's so good about being relevant? we speak a more relevant language at least

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>his """""""country""""""" doesn't have literal cocaine mountains

on his feet

We make the most profitable product in the whole planet