How did he do it?

How did he do it?

it was autism

Actually, OP, I've always wondered how they pulled that scene off too

Also, what did they mean by this? Is it that the naive and innocent are closer to God?

Autist magic

Nah it means people imprison themselves through worry and over thinking. It never occurs to him that he can't walk on the water, so he just does it.

There was a dock submerged by the water

By being there

Literally Sup Forums - the character.

What flick is this from?

>How did he do it?
He saw it on tv

It's from a kino

what did ashby mean by this

>the author killed himself because his book came true

he was stan laurel.


More of a film, actually


You wouldn't get it; you had to be there.


It was a matter of Chance.

im fucking dead

Yep. No doubt at all he modelled that performance on Stan Laurel.

Sup Forums's self-insert

I fapped to the scene where old Shirley MacLaine masturbated on the bed with him.

I wish she had gotten naked when she was at the age where she was making Artists & Models and The Apartment. She was such a cutie.

>Look how high I can jump, user!

nah, m8, I don't buy it.

Having Peter Sellers walk on water definitely draws an association to Jesus. Hal Ashby knew where his viewers' minds would go. Hell, he ended the movie with it.

There's something ado about religion in there, but I can't tell you what it is and I've only seen the movie once a few years ago.

It's not a trick, a trick is something whores do for money,

Have any of you seen Rafael?

Get fucked, it's KinOma Absolut

illusions! dad! you don't have time for my illusions!