Will you cry when Luke reunites with chewie and R2?

Will you cry when Luke reunites with chewie and R2?

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I will cry when Luke reunites with Rey.

When C-3PO shows up I might smile. You can't keep the Daniels down.

>dat shitty costume design
star wars is dead to me

I have a feeling they are going to fuck up and have Luke super overpowered reducing any tension. I will prob still like it, but I will feel really dirty about it.

They'll cut that scene for more Rey worshipping. He'll probably blank Chewie like Leia did.


What will he say when he meets Sir Luke's new droids?

Those clothes are like from LOTR.

Also, what is that crap of boot?

I'm not going to see it.

Chewie shooting Kylo has got to be the stupidest part of TFA, and that's a long list to top.

why is it stupid?

y-you feel it too, don't you?

>Kylo kills Chewie's best friend
>gets angry and sad and shoots Kylo
>this user thinks it's stupid.

There's a long list of stupid things, but damn do you top the entire thing.

Because the shot should've launched him off the bridge.

Because he's supposed to be one of if not Han's closest friend, and Han would've never, even while being killed, wanted Chewie to shoot him. Also it's easily assumed Chewbacca knew Kylo, at least for a few years before he went off to be a Youngling.

Chewie raging and firing is the opposite of emotional, it just paints the character out to be a dumb, bipedal dog, biting as soon as something bad happens.

Nope. Once I saw that shit sandwitch that was TFA, I cried...I cried because it was the death of Star Wars.

>basic star wars/jedi robe design since first movie
>hurr durr star wars iz ded 2 me

No siree.
I'll clap.


dude Kylo had just killed Han... Han was like a brother to Chewie.

No one cares, /fa/ggot

No idea why they kept Chewie alive after Han died, he doesn't have a purpose now. Can anyone else even understand him?

Would have been much better if he went out mauling Kylo, and would have made Kylo losing more believable.