Hey Sup Forums, I plan on visiting Comet Ping Pong tomorrow evening, what should I look out for and what should I be investigating while I'm there?

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Please plant a cam or recorder. We need to nail these fuckers.

sleuth that shit OP, BRING EM DOWN

i look young enough to maybe eat there, if I can get in with no suspicion I'll search around for rooms, and see if I can buy a camcorder

Also, if I can get off work soon, I'll head down there to check it out tonight.

"What other kinds of pizza are there if you know what I mean" and record it.

Get lost while looking for the bathroom, also carry a knife.

also go on a different day than what you told everyone in this thread

update: looks like I'll be able to make it there tonight before they close. gonna be recording what I can.

Ask for the Haitian Special. Tony sent you.

numbers for this, kek shall approve

you should look out for cum dribbling down kids inner thighs
you should investigate their gaping anal cavities

what would be the best way of going about this without seeming suspicious?

wear a pant suit

- codewords

- opened doors

- reek of putrefaction

Show up with a white cloth in your back pocket and observe what happens.

Act natural. Order some food. Sit and eat.


and order cheese pizza

handkerchiefs. alot of them.

the state of UK """"""""""""""""HUMOUR"""""""""""""

Also keep any copy of a receipt

Pay cash if you prefer.

Yo I live in DC maybe I'll just fucking go tomorrow. What am I looking for? I'll make a list.

Get samples of the meat and then send it to a lab to analyze what specie it came from.

particularly the wings

Bro be safe, if you can carry arms do so, also don't be too upfront. Also, ask for a handkerchief. ALSO, make sure you leave a written note at home in case Jimmy rings the police thinking you're a pedophile

You need to paint the symbol on a coin that you pay them with

you have to livestream the whole time or you're dead, if they try to grab you - tell them you're livestreaming if you want to get out alive

OP you're our only way of know what the fuck is going to happen don't fucking die or anything try to video record the whole thing or get a voice recording if you can

Yeah, this.
Figure out a way to livestream to some ditch yt channel. post link unlisted



Purchase the wings and take them home, post pictures and at my requested instruction begin a dissection. We can discover the anatomical features which prove or dismiss child meat claims of the wings.



going to be bringing a knife, I'll try my best to set up a livestream.

I've been there...the parking is the the back but their is no rear entrance to the "restaurant" it was dark but we looked around and had to walk through a liquor store to entire in the front. Try to see if their really is a rear entrance/exit and where it is hiding.

Get a hidden camera and make James o'keefe proud

>LARPING on location

You friggin go girl! XD
I would say, keep an I out for Hillary eating children at one of the tables closest to the entry and the windows :3

First order some food, and possibly a drink. Smile at every turn and do NOT look around eradictly.

If you choose to get a camcorder please make sure you get a cheap one with a big SD card. 128gb preferable but make sure to turn the quality to low. This makes it so the video doesnt take up space and battery life!!!

Use your phone to take pictures, hold it down and dont MAKE IT OBVIOUS. MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU ARE READING A TEXT.

Look for cameras. If you find a door, open it and sneak in. Crouch and hide in the shadows. If you get caught push and run

Comrad you must get yo the kill room. That is your mission over and out

don't. leave it to the cops.

Make sure to have a good time, I hear their pizza is amazing. So don't be too freaked out whilst you're there. Just enjoy yourself. Film everything. Take samples of food and do not eat the wings, bring them home with you. I would suggest you bring a sandwich bag, don't ask them to pack it up for you.

DC fag here. I've been there. You aren't going to see anything interesting. Not saying there isn't shady stuff going on behind the scenes but theres nothing for a customer to see.

how the fuck do you visit a comet, retard?

Holy Shit if things turn into a happening... user DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID THAT WOULD TURN THE MEDIA AGAINST US MORE

of note, just in case it wasn't obvious just fyi yourself

Order 5-9 slices of cheese pizza. Give the "waitress" a wink as you do it.


There is plenty of time for further investigation. You want to gain their trust. Go back multiple times.

not good with compuutas like trumps son but here i did something

>this trip

Hey, do you guys know anything about upcoming leaks and why Comey's acting like a pussy again?

OP what time will you be going to this?

Secret video and audio your trip. Search for pedo shit, hidden rooms, etc

Don't answer this question.

To anyone who is actually planning on going. This link is a once read only note. First come first serve.

If you're for real, please reach out to that email.

If you're not the person, then may your father have cancer of the eyes

Order food; wings and pizza; take some of the meat with you home and freeze it

Go to the bathroom and look for any devices (holes in the wall; look in the vents and shit)

Walk around the place outside when finished; film the front, sides and back (the back of the shop isn't on Google)

>the children are the entertainment AND the food


(please don't disappear like that user did in the intel threads.)
Godspeed my brother.

also of note:

bucks is a high end restaurant, apparently. It is not an outdoors shop. It is just an outdoorsy themed restaurant.

What's so very strange is you have one man who owns 3 restaurants all next to each other. This is never done in any restaurant business anywhere in the world. But what it does do is give you a large area of which to transport things and people in relatively undisturbed location with a huge back lot with is basically all yours...with large entrances for vans...and underground work going on in the basements...

Why don't you periscope it, OP?

I'll try periscoping it, if not periscope I'll use YouTube live stream.

Bring a Blacklight and look for blood/jizz in weird places.

Fuckin CSI that place


>Time for baby to have own #babycaris

wtf does this even mean? creepy as shit

you're gonna be used in an abstract art that will abstractly include being DEAD

ETA on arrival OP?

In case this chart gets archived, we need a way to carry on messaging.

can't answer that

Shitt its in dc?? I have a hideout spot not too far.

get a sample of the pizza meat to a lab to test if its human meat


Could somebody make a tinychat/irc/skype chat? otherwise keep checking on periscope for the stream titled pizzagate

Why not

Dude fucking stake the place out

Because he isn't a newfag

- Observe size and taste of the wings, there is suspicion they are baby legs. I know it sounds absurd but they are larger than usual and reviewers say they taste strage
- Look for strange symbols/logos/occult signs
- During bathroom, look for double sided mirrors, use your flashlight to see the depth
- Ask off the cuff, if they sell hotdogs / walnuts / assortment of cheeses
- When your about to leave, say you left your hankerchief and wondering if they've seen it
- most importantly observe their faces, observe twitching, confusion, or sweating

Good luck and don't get killed

I'm in nova right now and I can be there tomorrow.

Sorry user I have work tomorrow, but will try and deliver.

Report when you are there! At what time is it going to be?


I'm going to leave a link to a group chat - make sure to message in it if this thread gets archived.

Password - Podesta

This. Then pay the bill + tip and leave quiently.

im sure james is on high alert right now, probably all pedo ritual shit will be on haitus for 3-6 months

except it could be far less time because james is a faggot a lush and an attention whore

yeah indeed but point is the german ping pong thing uses a goat and toddler and a fucking baby as the homepage background for a thing for adults only where you "only" can drink alcohol and play some ping pong what the fuck it this shit.

Password - Podesta

where do you live?

i live in frederick and have been considering going as well, but don't want to go it alone.

going alone would arouse suspicion, go with someone else or meet me there

OP don't you dare meet this fuckergo alone.

Trying to login from mobile, says login failed
I'm in Loudoun

OP I am also planning on going. I plan on going after work around 5 or 6.

>> If you are genuine

Take a look at that park too.

Might be a lot more helpful than ordering a pizza at an obvious front.

it's dc not the wild west, you can't just walk in with a fucking gun

best case is to do this with a TEAM and establish a system to communicate life/safety

i highly doubt you're going to be fucked with or kidnapped in the middle of the day in a pizza place. really nigga?

User6 reporting in

I'm a britbong, I dont know this shit

Fuuuck ok it'd be awesome if you could try and deliver

hello CIA

Fuck off baby raping, moloch cock sucking faggot

Don't forget to draw a Pepe in the bathroom stall

What does white cloth in your back pocket mean? My uncle is a fag and he said something about it when i put a tea towel hanging out of the back of my pants when i was cleaing the oven


care to elaborate? not sure what you're up to

Wouldn't it be more likely the forearm?. Considering the structure of chicken wings / human fore arm. Drum sticks could technically be legs.



Bring personal protection only.

Tell them you're looking for the hotdog stand.

If they try to refer you to an actual hotdog stand nearby, tell them you meant a hotdog stand where you can play dominos on cheese and pasta, slip them a 5 dollar bill, and then wink.

Imma try man.