Star Wars Episode 9 ideas

Admiral Holdo's force ghost appears to give Poe advice.

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Ghost Luke and Ghost Snoke have a showdown.

>The first order build a new death star
>Rey uses the force to tear it in half

>Kylo Ren works out the way to become the true ruler of the galaxy
>He performs sex change

rey BTFOs the empire and becomes a force goddess. kylo is kill.

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Rey wins by protecting what love not what h8.

>Leia wakes up and suddenly becomes more powerful than Anakin and Luke.
>She gives all her power to Rey since Rey is even stronger than her.

Kylo quits the life of villainy and becomes a master chef instead. He challenges chefs around the galaxy to a cook off.

>kylo is kill.
I love it already.

Ghosts from every star wars ever turn up to have a party while porgs and wookies dance around desert campfires.

You just know this is gonna happen.

One, Rey needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Rey's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Rey"?

yoda get ipad

I'm absolutely not interested in anything SW related anymore. Thanks KK! Thanks for helping me save a few bucks!

And then we get to see her masturb8

>Rey opens dialogue with Kylie Ben and makes him surrender because women are empathetic wait that’s a stereotype can’t use that
>Rey hunts down and brutally murders Kylie Ben and wait only men are violent women are goddesses can’t use that
>The resistance destroy the order, killing millions in the process and never acknowledging it, and that’s fine.
>Jar Jar Binks is head of the space UN and spends 45 minutes discussing trade agreements

I love that they're in a pickle now where they either have to ackowledge and echo these retarded sentiments in 9 or just completely ignore it and make tlj stick out even more than it already does.

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They should do a whole subplot about Holdo's force ghost teaching Poe and Finn not to man-spread in the millenium falcon

How about everyone gets destroyed in the sun sized new death star destroys the entire galaxy. Everyone dies and all of the arrogance and stupidly of the characters was for nothing. "Directed by JJ Abrahams"

Correction! Ghost Snoke and Ghost Force Projection of Ghost Luke have a showdown.

Oh god I hope the trailer comes out and you see Kylo Ren in emperer robes and a supernova-sized superweapon capable of destroying the universe. I want them to go full fucking retard with this shit.

Hux leaves the first order and with a few porgs he opens up a quirky bed and breakfast in Nal Hutta.
With hilarious consequences

I'm so ready for the trailer guys. I wanna see how they close out this mess of a trilogy.

Give me Death Star 4, some stupid new force power and Rey in god mode.

I'll be disappointed if there are no more jokes with Hux and Rose doesn't get enough screen time. also: GIVE MOAR PORGS!1!!

I don't want to see any alien or creature that we have seen before, give me just new aliens and creatures. Please introduce more designs that we have seen before but make them slightly thinner and recolor them so I can buy new toys for my cousin.

Obviously women being badass needs to be in there. If don't get introduced to at least 1 new brunette female character with english accent that kicks ass I will RIOT!

Finally: John Williams. I love you man, but please continue to deliver a soundtrack that isn't memorable at all so it fits with this trilogy. DON'T give us iconic music like we heard in the OT and the PT.

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This actually sounds kino.

i too enjoy watching this series burn