Whitney Cummings saved the Roseanne reboot. Sup Forums BTFO

>Executive producer Whitney Cummings said the show aims to be about “the circumstances that led to the current administration” rather than the administration itself. “We’re not talking about Mueller and Trump and Russia, we’re talking about not having healthcare and just the circumstances of a heartland, blue collar family.”


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who let this bimbo be in charge of a TV show?

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>We’re not talking about Mueller and Trump and Russia
If only those stuck up kike fags that run Will and Grace could learn from this

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what is she talking about 'not having healthcare'? the ACA has been law for a while.

They had to be dishonest in Ep 1 or ep 2 when they are dividing up pills 'because our insurance won't pay'. Insurance will pay for blood pressure medicine that's outrageous.

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anons mum is Whitney Cummings?

> implying Hollywood writers know or care about reality outside their little bubble



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I like the bimbo looks once in a while

I can't afford healthcare for my family and i make 50k/ year. Healthcare costs would be around 1/4 of my check weekly with a 5k deductible so it doesnt cover shit until ive spent a ridiculous amount anyway. And the prescription coverage is not that great. All ACA has done is to fine me for being too poor to pay for nothing.

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Quick rundown on the "women aren't funny" thing. Worth noting I'm a comic, I've done stand up on tv and toured all over the country so I'm not talking out of my ass here. When you start doing stand up you start at open mics and these open mics there are probably 20 guys for every girl and at these open mics everyone sucks equally. After that, if you're not awful, you've move to doing shows at bars or low level clubs. These shows will have fewer comics on them, let's say 5-8, but the producers of those will generally want to have a girl or two on the show so girls move up the ranks more quickly. In moving up more quickly they're given a lot less time develop as comics at open mics, a lot like a baseball player being called up from the minors before they're ready because there's a positional need, so they're generally a little tougher around the edges. And that'll continue as you move up to better clubs, road work, tv spots, etc. Girls will often get there with less experience than men. Fewer girls started out but there's still spots for them to fill so the move up quicker perhaps before they're ready. Nothing wrong with that, you'd be stupid to turn down an opportunity when you're given it, but you know they're less funny than guys that had to grind for a decade before being given a chance. I know a lot of girls that are funny, onstage and off, that were given chances before they were fully ready and I think that hampered their development as comics a bit. So it's not that women aren't funny, it's just that just because of ratios they don't have to develop for as long.

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She also lies about her age, her plastic surgery and desperately wants a child but has missed the boat due to working on a series of fucking garbage TV shows

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Very interesting. It seems like they miss out on developing stage presence but they get a little unfair advantage in that stat if they are sexy at all. If i were a plain looking chick in comedy i would probably get bitter over that.

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>she brought the world Kat Denning's Milkers
She saved TV in general

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How long until she has her face replaced with a literal blank slate?

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She created 2 broke girls, bitch in apartment 23b and like 2 others. She has had quite a decent track record recently, and as a producer, it means she invested in the production too most likely, so after hitting 18+ million in re-pilot, she's going to jog all the way to the bank

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How come every photo she has pants on but is just pulling them down to show her ass? every single photo is exact same setup. Weird as hell.

why the fuck do girls help each other dress/undress? I've never had a guy join me when i'm dressing

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she made over 40 million during 2012 alone, she got fat bank now

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>female comedy

not to mention all those royalty checks from 2 Broke Cunts

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> he doesn't have a gentleman dresser

why women try tow ear too tight dresses?

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vanity and self-delusion

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I see we have a patrician among us.


So this is the coastal elites attempt at an outreach to the stupid retards like me. I liked the show but it did feel sorta out of place with the jokes about the election. But in all honesty my coworker still talks about the election like it was yesterday.

>notices the shoes
I think you have contracted a case of the GAY

to be fair that is a lot of fucking shoes though

>unironically named Cummings

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I dropped Will & Grace once they made Will an interior designer.

What a way to fuck up his character

Bitch has no doubt always been a filthy slut, but I'm a fan of this picture.

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wow she loves her ass.

is that how she made the money and connections to be a producer?

People think they will get a good health care system under Trump?

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