Who was the better mistique?

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Certainly not jennifer lawrence

not jlaw that's for sure. both ended up being complete shit compared to the source material though. both 'costume' and character wise

The older one who isn't skinnyfat

Jlaw had a gross tubby skinny fat body.

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I hate her so fucking much. If she doesn't want to wear the make-up then why she keeps coming back?

Why not just give her the white costume?

Capeshit=easy money

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Apocalypse flopped. Capeshit doesn't make money. MCU makes all the money

Its called negotiations. You dumb fuck. That's how you get to be paid big boy bucks. Suck a clock for the fame then listen to your jew lawyers and managers.

jlaw has better boobs, but the other one was better in every other way. Better acting, better make up, better action


thats unfair because jennifer Lawrence's mistique has actual character development unlike that other bitch who never had a line.

Mistique? More like MIstaque. I mean they should have aborted that ugly muted so her mother purged a tiny blue bean out of her vag.

Rebecca Romijn is so much better.

IIRC the blue paint or whatever it is that they used on Romjin's costume almost killed her it was so toxic

the first one, fat Lawrance was miscast

based method acting bimbo

this one

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>character development
what character development? also, JLaw sucks balls acting wise, she half assed most of the scenes she was in, especially everything concerning Apocalypse.

>JLaw sucks balls acting wise, she half assed most of the scenes she was in, especially everything concerning Apocalypse.

This, though to be fair there wasn't a single element of that entire movie which wasn't half-assed. No one gave a solitary shit about any of it

Fassbender did

This and hes ten times the actor.

Oh yeah, good point. Especially the scenes in Poland, he played those very well.

He's honestly the only one of the 'younger' X-Men cast who I find convincing. McAvoy isn't bad but too baby-faced for Xavier. J-Law's fame as an actress has given Mystique way too significant a role, and she phones it in every time anyway.

>J-Law's fame as an actress has given Mystique way too significant a role, and she phones it in every time anyway.
This is one of the major flaws new X-Men movies have, they made Mystique more important than they ought to have. They should have focused more on the kids in Apocalypse and in general, I'd like to see how Xavier's academy came to be or anything that's remotely interesting and not fucking JLaw trying to act on the screen. The new one about Jean's Phoenix seems rushed and like the movies aren't quite read for it. Cartoon did a good job with it.

Hands where i can see them!

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romijn and the old costume was better as well.

While I do like FC, my god was the makeup fucking awful in that movie.
X-men movies are so god damn cheap its insane.

Honestly I'm surprised the critical reaction to X-Men Apocalypse wasn't worse. Maybe it's me but I fucking hated it, especially after DOFP turned out so great. It was a lazy hackjob and one of the worst superhero movies this decade.

Anyway it looks like we can look forward to Mystique continuing to sideline more central characters next time round. Xavier doesn't even appear in the official synopsis unless we count him as 'the rest of the X-Men'.

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Mystique is supposed to be a villian and j law plays her as a bitchy teenager. So romijin.

I want a whole movie with Fassbender as Magneto hunting Nazis in the 60s. Like a super-powered Simon Wiesenthal. Just him, no other superheros. I want a whole trilogy of that shit. Best parts of first class. Apocalypse was shot, who cares.

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Damn that's a good idea

>Jessica Chestain

Finally, a decent Blob

i remember this one scene from some x men movie where mystique is seducting some dude and her ass expands
anyone got webm/gif of this?

this so much

Rebecca Romain played mystique as cunning, almost cat-like in movements. Her long figure and knowing silence reminded me of a panther, dangerous, silent, beautiful.
Jennifer Lawrence plays mystique like a quirky teen in a blue suit. Jlaw is hot, but not in a way that’s appropriate for the role.

>tfw Chastain is not playing bitch queen Emma Frost

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Never understood why they always went with the slicked back hair style, it would have looked much better down like pic related

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