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At this point I don't know if the whole soy boy meme is actually a meme any more.

why does this man trigger Sup Forums so much?

Its only a meme because its a thing

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is that guy in the middle always on giant bomb? hes p.funny

so this is the retard people are talking about when they talk about 'honest trailers' wow what a stupid fucking thing to watch on the internet.

they look so joyless.

*inhuman screeches*

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>makes silly over the top reaction video to entertain youtube children and get views
>"the herald of white genocide is here REEEEEEEEEE"


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The part where he licks his lips needs to be when blacked starts.

where is BLACKED edition

>la creatura...

yeah, we've seen it. thanks

was it kino?

You fags nuked the wrong country

should have nuked whatever country that guy's parents came from

>There's no basis to the soy memes you alt-righters are just bigots!

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Absolute soyno.

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Just POZ my shit up senpai

I tried to live vegan for half a year and my hair started falling out, I got some weird immune disorder and I looked like I got aids.
Back to eating steaks for breakfast and I'm back to my healthy self with strong thick hair and clean skin.

Imagine being obsessed with this guys videos and obsessing over the facial expressions that other people make. Literally pathetic.

Why is this up when threads about Sam Hyde get deleted?

>channel picture

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Going vegan requires a ridiculous amount of planning for your meals and diet. You can be healthy, but you have to go full autism on it to make sure you aren't missing out on anything.

>implying this won't unironically be Sup Forums at the infinity war premier

I can see the effort in his face, planning, intending - heck-bent on conveying a false, consumerist joy.

Compare that to the joie d'vivre of this reviewer:

They are.
They're usually socially and emotionally stunted + doped out of their fucking minds on SSRIs and other anti-anxiety medication because they can't face the real world.
You open your mouth when you smile and are happy, thus bigger mouth must mean showing you're really happy, right?

I'll never go there though, I hate capeshit, I only stay to toy with the manchildren like a cat with a mouse.

They’re spiritually devoid. What I mean by that is that they live for nothing but petty consumerist pop culture products like the Avengers. They have no higher purpose or aim, they are too busy “loving fucking science” and embrace a reddit tier nihilism, the only comfort they find in their selfish and vapid lifestyle is that others are just as aimless as they are.

Basically you'll end up looking like a AIDS patient in no time.