He is the ultimate epitome of nu-male in all aspects, such as his appearance, personality, movie taste...

He is the ultimate epitome of nu-male in all aspects, such as his appearance, personality, movie taste, and contents of '''criticism'''.

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>implying siskel and ebert weren't proto-numales

I used to follow his videos, then I just realized he'd give Capeshit or nostalgia porn good ratings no matter what. He's too soy goy for me.

His entire persona is fake as fuck. There are some vids of him and Flickpick going to walmart and shit and you can just tell he's a completely different person than what he presents himself as. Also, there was that blog post by Furythefilmfan that talked about how much of a piece of shit Cuckmann was when he stayed with him in NYC.

another assblasted Sup Forumstard jealous of succesful youtuber. shake my head

everytime his qt gf is on screen it's cringe central. Why can't this guy be genuine, he's such a poser, I mean his Straight Outta Compton movie is a meme for that "I grew up with black people" quote and it sums up his videos perfectly. Say what you will about reviewers like the Dogfucker or Pan Pizza, all they're autism is out in the open which gives them some sort of genuine (all be it, disgusting) personality.

Shake it yourself, you libGAY faggot.

his tattoos are cool at least.

definition of a snake, i would literally beat the shit out of cuckmann just for laughs

>He is the ultimate epitome of nu-male in all aspects
>teleports behind you

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>the most soy post in the thread

He's not funny, and his reviews are very surface level. Not sure what he provides over any other big reviewers.


As you all know, I grew up being a huge fan of [movie series] so when I heard that a new [movie] was in production, I was excited. Well I just saw [movie], and I thought it was pretty good. It had a few plotholes but overall I had fun with it. I give [movie] a B. As always guys, thank you for watching and if you like this you can click here and get STUCKMANNIZED

this guys life must be hell desu

>RLM makes a quick joke about other Youtubers
>gets so butthurt, he blocks them from his channel and makes a 6 minute rant with tears in his eyes about "how he's not upset and it's just a joke"

Whoah Chris, I didn't know you posted on Sup Forums

Did you not see Ebert’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” He was a big fat alpha male at heart who loved titties. youtu.be/aG1Evpq2wXA


he's not crying. I understand his anxiety here, fair enough, but why did he make the video? Does he have no-one to talk to?

>when you troll a libtard epic style

>but why did he make the video?
For attention obviously. He's literally full on "WAAAH, FEEL BAD FOR ME GUYS ;(" mode

I'd feel bad for him, but he is kind of a prick.

This is blacked? It's so tame and boring, what the hell?

>Literally asking for Blacked porn in his memes

>adult braces

>played star wars music at his wedding

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