How do we stop Disney?

How do we stop Disney?

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it cannot be stopped. it's 2018. the megacorps will get bigger until they implode on themselves

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she's just plain fat

>absolutely disgusting and deformed legs and hips
>don't resemble a human anymore
>niggers and memeniggers deluding themselves that this is hot because niggers on instagram commenting "THIIIICC" on those pics
Fucking jews did it again

u gay

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imagine the smell

lmao that looks like alex dauginas

Absolutely disgusting. Look at this fat cotton cheese.

Wait for Amazon to eat them

Also thunder th

classic nigger response
just accept you love obese cottage cheese limbs and get it over with

decline of public interest in disney franchises over time

>cotton cheese

>tfw you release laws attempting to prevent the merger of titanic megacorps will inevitably fail as their lobbying power borders on infinite


pls be London

nigger fuck off

She walks like a turkey

Pls stop my penis can only get so hard

looks like neckbrace is back on the menu lads

She's disgusting

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fucking niggers and their love for malformations

trying too hard


I love this thread, even the thicc haters

imagine those big meaty thighs wrapping around your neck and choking the life out of you until you die but its fine because she's so sexy that dying is totally worth it

but imagine watching the shockwaves travel through those thighs while you pound her

who is dis?


there is no meat its only fat u disgusting retarded meme spouting degenerate femdom loving nigger

wtf i'm not a white nationalist anymore

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hey wtf I'm not disgusting

By basking in thicc

>I want an 80 lbs femlet who can't beat me when she gets mad :(
I always knew you guys were fags.

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name 5 things better than this
i'll wait


1. the suffering of God's children

funco pops
retro tshirts
cool backpacks with lots of buttons

woman or soy?

>it's 2018. the megacorps will get bigger

are you plannin a shadowrun there chummer?
ps: no dwarves, no orks

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what are we trying to stop?

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Daymn she THICC AF!!!
But look at those tiny arms, and those HUGE legs, wow so cute!!!

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