People think THIS is a film

>people think THIS is a film

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No, THIS is kino.

Lynch is the most overrated hack I've ever seen.

Its all a big empty pretentious cargo cult

Do the art dance and maybe the big metal bird will shower us with transcendence


At least Andy Warhol's scene was a f*ckfest



He's third for me behind Korine and Von Trier.

it doesn't look bad

Nice critique u have there u pretentious faggot. Why Lynch haters are such reddit plebs who cant even write one sentence against Lynch? Did u ever watch more than two his projects? Lynch literally started television, Lynch made surrealism into mainstream. He can succesfully play with every genre. He is one most influential filmmaker that ever ecisted and this is a fact. Only plebs dislike him.

>When you realise this wasn't made by some user in After Effects as a joke

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No, it's an 18 part TV season.

Nah, its better that any film that was released in 2010s by far. But the difference that Lynch is real auteur, modern directors are hacks without any style or ideas, only copying eachothers and making the same generic shit all the time.

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Is this a point and click game?

I love Lynch, but anyone who say this is a film is one of those sterotypical "arthouse" fags who act all high and mighty and want to seem cool.

It's structured just like the original Twin Peaks show, nothing is different.

Lynch showed perfectly that CGI are absolutely unimportant to cinema. He still created kino that was more exciting, interesting and fun and transcendental than any other tv show or film since idk. I can only comoare Kieslowski Decalogue to it.

this would actually be perfect

To add on to this episode 8 is the only real episode you can watch isolated from the rest, that's the closest S3 comes to being a film.

You really need to watch more tv and film by the sound of it.

Its not structured like original show. Its literally structured like long movie. Has three acts and episodes dont have endings. Its television film.

Or maybe we like his work because it's thought provoking, or evokes a certain emotion?

it doesn't. it was striking and had much more of an impact than if would've had if it was a more expensive shot. even if it was to save money, lynch found a compromise that made it much more interesting.


Can you describe the thoughts his work provokes?

Not him but he's right
I watch in a week the amount of kino you watch in 6 months, because i have no life
You brainlets just don't get the point

You should be left uncomfortable or freaked out by what you see of the lodges and red room (which was clearly the aim in the original show). You shouldn't be laughing at it, that's obviously not the intention.

I watched most of good show including Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, original Twin Peaks, The Wire etc. Sorry but new Twin Peaks is on another level just like Kieslowski Decalogue is.

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i wasn't laughing at it. it was freaky and uncomfortable. whatever it was was intentional - not that lynch went up to the vfx crew and said 'make it look bad'.

It's mysterious, both from a narrative and visual / sound point of view. Each scene is like a moving painting. It leaves you wondering if what you watched was some fucked up fever dream or a real thing.

>not that lynch went up to the vfx crew and said 'make it look bad'.
So it was the VFX crews decision? Wow, Lynch truly is an auteur.

>Each scene is like a moving painting
So, did you read a Barry Lyndon review and decide Lynch is on the same level as Kubrick?

this, Jesus how can anyone admit to liking this shit without feeling embarrassed
>hurr duurr its just like my youtubepoop vids!

never heard of nervous laugh?

I hate laura dern now thx to SW

Fair point, I have to admit Lynch's Salad Fingers series on youtube as thought provoking. I kept saying DUDE WEIRD

no, i'm saying lynch's reasoning isn't going to be as simple as 'i want it to look shit'. you're being willfully ignorant. it's okay if it's too weird for you.

Every time I scroll by that thumbnail, I think it's one of those stewardesses from Fifth Element.

With sound, it's on a whole other level.

Yeah - you get that from Lynch works that are actually tense and at times unnerving (see Blue Velvet and Lost Highway).
What you get from The Return is laughing that a director with such potential as Lynch could put this piece of shit effects on television.

In an interview with BUF (the VFX guys for this new season), Lynch and some other guys did these effects themselves. BUF even offered to improve them and he declined.

not even exaggerating, this is literally on par with something me and my mates would make when we were 14 (12 years ago) in terms of production value
>i-it's supposed to look like that !
well, it looks fucking atrocious

>it's just like a dream bro

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The Return should've made you hate her - Diane is one of the worst characters I've ever seen.

they're not shit, they're different
your mind is so fucking numbed by the epidemic of samey movies and tv shows that you just want more of the same
you should be happy that we got the return as it is, i hope it means an open door for future creators who want to try new things

if you don't like it because you want the effects to meet your safe standards then you're a fucking bore, and an idiot who literally just doesn't get it
>well, it looks fucking atrocious
Does it? It's animated stiffly and looks like a collage, but it's far from looking like shit.

>the absolute state of Sup Forums
did you watch Mulholland Dr and think the bad acting at the start was a mistake and they just decided to get Naomi Watts acting lessons halfway through?

imagine lynch being too weird for you hahahahaha

There has been plenty of television shows that have been trying new things long before The Return showed up.
Please tell me what other shows are like Mr Robot and The Leftovers.

because these effect fits Lynch surrealist nature and fits the uncanny and weird feel of the show. Only plebit plebs cant see it. Check his paintings for example.

>the entire season
(And it was a good thing)

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>scene is meant to unnerve you
>actually makes you laugh because it's so misjudged
We're far away from the days of Eraserhead.

Good for you naming two shows
I never said all of them are the same, but most are
And the Leftovers maybe, but mr robot is a safe bet

>mr robot is a safe bet
In what sense? That it's like the others?
Please show me another tv series that does anything like Mr Robot's cinematography, use of music, and leaving viewers in the dark.

>In what sense? That it's like the others?
It's accessible

Mr Robot is normie as normie can get. And how Mr Robot leaving viewers in the dark? There is tons of exposition and they are spelling everything out sooner or later. The Leftovers is OK, but the problem with it that Lindeloff is a hack and he doesnt have own ideas, and ripping better creators. Same with Lost.

Hardly - it's currently got very low ratings, not significantly more than a 25 year old tv series (which reached record levels of streaming views) because...
>And how Mr Robot leaving viewers in the dark?
How about in season 2 (where lots of people got off the show) where the main character spends half the show straight up lying to the audience.

this is better though

>not significantly more
Actually scratch that - it has half the views of The Return

and i dont think it was meant to unnerve you. If Lynch wants to unnerve he was doing it without problem in new Twin Peaks. Even the dialogue in this scene focus on comedy and surrealism, not on horror or fear.

>and i dont think it was meant to unnerve you
pretty fucking much
scenes like when gordon meets booper in that prison
that police station floating head
that's the unnerving stuff

The scene where 'Diane' talks about getting raped, is killed by her colleagues (one of whom is a pacifist supposedly), flies off to be dissipated is comedic and not meant to be unnerving?

what was wrong with that scene? Im talking about Black Lodge scene with Mike, it was comedy.

The two scenes are linked, straight after each other.

>an unreliable protagonist is experimental
read a book you retard

And? Entire show have jumping between different moods and feel scene-to-scene. Lynch playing in new Twin Peaks literally with every genre

I didn't say that?