ITT underrated shows

ITT underrated shows

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The plot sounds like kino

It is kino IMO. Also has based JK Simmons. But it comes from Starz so it isn't getting much attention, sadly.

I think it's pretty aptly rated. I watched the first episode and it was pretty uninteresting. Does it get better?


1/21 starz...

It looks like it is trash

Weren't you in the Americans thread, OP?

Slow burn, takes about 3 episodes to get you really invested in the cat and mouse spy stuff

I swear to God I would suck off anyone who has seen this kino show. But I am sure no one has as Sup Forums is hit board

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check out counterpart and i'll give this a try

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I recently re-watched Fringe, so this seems like it may be up my alley. I'll give it a watch.

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based counterpart poster
better post this thread every fucking day until it comes out
for anyone unconvinced, just watch this. the most brutal scene so far this season

lmao it only got 1/21 stars?? haha who the fuck watches this shit, vrigins?? XD just watch luke cage or the punisher like a normal person.

But which one is from the asparagus universe?


More like overrated boring trash. Like every other stars show.

Alright, you've convinced me

t. didn't watch the show

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bad doesnt mean underrated

cuck howard reflecting on how even in an alternate reality his wife is getting BLACKED

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wasn't the season finale last weekend and no one ripped it?

it's this sunday.

someone needs to make a virgin howard vs chad howard prime meme

i was actually working on one but i'm too critical to decide on the lines

It's more interesting than that overrated trash: The Terror

I take it you've not watched either then?