ITT: Best crossover ideas

ITT: Best crossover ideas

>The Enterprise is sucked through a transdimensional portal appearing in orbit of Tattooine right before the beginning of "A New Hope".

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Enterprise would destroy the entire Imperial Fleet on it's own, as long as they have power.

But that's a fucking awful idea

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Jack Black versus Mathew Broadrick, fake music teacher deathmatch

Of course they could. Or the force beats them somehow. Also lightspeed ramming is now canon.

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Jack has got it in the bag. Throw in some Whoopie Goldberg for a fair fight.

Jazz becomes so fat after he started binge eating fat food after realizing how his parents fucked up his life, he becomes the next star of My 600 Lb life

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They could literally phase them all day long before they get even in range to do anything, then just warp speed away when fighters/bombers get too close

*blocks your apocalypses*

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This will happen when Disney buy Star Trek

Star Trek is dead anyway

So is Star Wars and Stargate, what a time we live in

Sci-Fi is too masculine for modern audiences

Red Alert! Shields up! Open a hailing frequency! This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Federation ship Enterprise. You will cease your aggression upon that vessel or we will be forced to open fire.

and then there's this.

So is this what Gibson is doing for passion of the christ 2? Would be sick

'Old Wars' the Enterprise, as much as I love it, was less threatening than the Falcon. But with the shit that TLJ and Disney canon has introduced, chances are the crew become an integral part of defeating the Empire, turning the tid ein coutnless space battles, before Luke comes the first Jedi Starfleet Officer.

>tfw when you are a newborn Trekkie after Disney shat on Star Wars.

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>escapes from Nu-Wars to watch Star Trek
>watches Nu-Trek instead

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Eh, realistically I suppose that could happen, but they might not consider it 'worth' having, since JJ Trek failed. It's still very much a tv property with occasional movies. Disney seems to be hoovering up stuff they can give the MCU treatment.

Only crossover image I had in my Trek folder, nigga. And yeah, I actually kind of like the JJ films, even if I far prefer the Original Series and the TV shows. They did pretty well in the casting, things and ladies were pretty, and they respected the canon enough to make it an alternate timeline with old Spock the connecting string. It's more respect than Disney showed the OT.