My goodness you've grown!

>My goodness you've grown!
What do you say?

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so has your mole

baby i told you thats all i do is grow

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y-you too

How do you know I never showed you it yet

>and i will continue to grow jewess, do not attempt to sap my vital essence.

For you,

you know what else has grown :D

well my weeeeenus peanus!

haha my peanus weenus of course :)

For you

Mole is for kisses

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I can grow a lot more if we go into your private chamber, angel.

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why does she have nappy sub-saharan hair

I hate sandniggers.

Yes m'lady. I've been jelqing for 3 months now, and also hanging weights from my cock and it seems to be working.

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>haha eat shit manlet obi wan


go make me some space cookiesf

> grown more beautiful, I mean

Look at that (((hair)))

I grow every time I see you

So have you, unfortunately.

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Act all cool and shit but can't close the deal cus I'm a dipshit

>especially my dick

I'm glad your smile has not changed

Yeah you better believe it

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