Marvel teases announcement for noon tomorrow

Are Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman finally getting married?

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Fuck, I was hoping for a second that we'd be getting Fallout comics.

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>nu Marvel and Bethesda Fallout in one package
I don't think I could handle it

it is finally time... for stilt-man

>Black Panther.

Now comes the over the top shilling of the character by Marvel ruinning the character just to try to chase some of that movie money and failling.

Slowpoke bump.

Probably some new team book.


Since DC has been stealing all their writers and artists, it's just to announce that Marble managed to hire Dan Jurgens to do all their variant covers AND write Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America once the current arcs are done and those writers get moved to more appropriate titles, like Squirrel Girl and Champions.

>announcing an annoucment

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Slott is staying on Spider-Man.

Avengers B book with the same lineup as the A book.

>we've bought DC
>Shazam movie is cancelled forever
>forget it, Billy, it's Caroltown

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Wait... Pepe Larraz is the artist of Avengers? because that would be awesome!

Will be interesting anyway

>choose four icons to represent Marvel
>Captain Marvel is in
>not X-Men

Bitches and whores.

Carol was part of the X-Men though.

Is this a third event announcement?

Already more excited for the upcoming Marvel books than anything at DC. Lot of announcements, none of interest or w good writers.

So what's the difference with DC then? All of Marvel's new announcement look super boring or they have the same old lame writers.

fuck off mugga

ladderbro gotta ladder

This. Marvel is finished.

are you implying the marvel announcements actually are interesting and with good writers?


just covers, he's secretly doing Fantastic Four right now

Unless they're unveiling an official Cheescake/Porn side universe or a relaunch of Marvel Adventure's it's going to be useless garbage. That or Slott gets kicked in the nuts for one month straight.

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Something's off.

I mean, we just got Infinity War and Death of Inhumans announced as big stories, yet this is the one they are hyping up with a tease?

My bet? It's probably some web platform thing.

>a relaunch of Marvel Adventure's
That's already happening. Jim McCann is writing, and has even hinted at bringing back Giant GIrl on Twitter.