Reminder that a man with the name louis J cuck produced billy and mandy

Reminder that a man with the name louis J cuck produced billy and mandy

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he also directed Chowder.

>it's real

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Who cares?

Its funny you humorless fag

epic! that's like the word us redditors use! narwhal bacon midnight cuck ;)

Ouch. Sorry Sup Forumsfag that just now you're recognizing how fucking stupid you sound when every other word out of your mouth is >soyboy cuck

The fact you get so triggered by the word is very telling

>deriving enjoyment from normalfag memes
>calling others fags

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>posting smug anime girls on Sup Forums

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>can't handle the smug

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Cuck isnt normie tier, if you are so assblasted over it then i think we need to have a talk about your relationship with your wife and her bull

>using the word "normie"

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Fine, normalfag, now are you satisfied you sensitive little faggot?

Are you alright? You sound a little upset.

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Awesome. I can't wait to show this to my buddies on /r/the_donald and then PRAISE KEK up each other's assholes.

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Can you faggots stop sameposting

Good thread.

>*chuckles* hehehe Cuck
>and oooooh what's this????!
>Soyboy cuck?

People use it on Twitch, its normalfag tier

Stop samefagging

>uhohohohohnooooo way
>Samefag hehe

Fucking Sup Forums samefaggot bitch

I had to look at that three times before I realized it didn't say Louis C.K.

Isn't it quite ironic that some guys here use cuck and soyboy as an insult despite that they are the very embodiment of it?

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife!

But we arent the ones giving up our freedoms and masculinity to become little more then slaves to feminists, in order be good allys like dobson

You can't give up something you don't have, user

Jesus you have some low standards. It's a less funny Mike Hunt.

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