WHAT DO YOU DO, Sup Forums?


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jump in front of the train

Why does he have a minesweeper

It doesn't matter

is this meme dead yet?

non-interventionist master race desu

Stevie Wonder: Yo i didnt see shit


Multitrack drift, kill the survivors in a murder suicide

I go to C and push the people off the track b4 the train comes and we go get beers. But I leave the people on B and A tied up, and they starve to death.

pull it

It's a small trolley, it might get jammed up on the initial bodies


Kill the most to get famous.

I would mind my own businesses and keep walking

same result either way

>50/50 chance at killing one person compared to killing 5 or 80 people

i'd take that chance every day of the week desu. consider each person a point

B is one point
C is 5 points
A is 8 points

so if you don't pull the lever you get 5 points automatically, if you do pull the lever, you either get 1 point or 8 points. Since its a 50/50 chance we can assume that if we pulled the lever multiple times it would average out to about 4.5 points per pull

No matter how you do it, you average half a point less per pull than no action, which makes action warranted.

The only right answer:

Kill the ancestors, at least the resources will be untouched.

wouldn't me knowing that it would go down the C path already count as it being observed?

Lamest meme ever.

Schroedinger did it better.

Which track has the most niggers?