Be me 18 y/o Turk living in Germany

>be me 18 y/o Turk living in Germany
>work every Saturday at a weekend school
>go to Turkish bakery during break to get lunch
>cute girl with hijab works there evert saturday
>always happy to see me
>talk everytime a little
>know she is 26 and not married
>always asks me about my life when no other people around
>work, school, girls, and stuff

>came in today to get the usual sandwich
>was pretty busy so didn't get the chance to talk
>winked when she gave me my food
>put her number on my sandwich's wrapping paper

Wtf am I supposed to do? She's hot, but wears a hijab and is 8 years older than me. Also don't know how to talk with girls at all

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Turks are nigger-tier trash
stay away
get a tradwife

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Just smash it. She seems down so go for it

You talk to her each weekend, so you do know how to talk to other human beings.
She's not going to try converting you

Ask her out, why not?

I don't know. These type of girls usually aren't the type that just wants to smash and she keeps complimenting me for 'going to such a good college' so am scared she wants something more.

And she is older than both of my sisters

Marry her and have five children.

She is trying to make you a muslim. Tell her you are Jewish and she must be circumcised before you have sex with her.

I'm Muslum myself, though I barely go to mosque and stuff.

What do I text her?

Like the other guy said. Marry her and have 5 children. You're going to deal with less bullshit seeing a girl her age than yours. This is a blessing.

Also, repent and accept that Jesus is God in the flesh and died for your sins.

if she is older she will be more ready to just take that d son. She may also want to get kids out of you cause she is gettin older, but if you don't mind risking not being able to go back to that bakery after you shut down her biological clock nonsense then go for it and get some of that sweet, sweet turkish delight.

Nigger she will not instantly want to attach herself to you for life. Unless you're super rich ofc
Just ask her out you pussy, what's the worst that could happen? You're both shitskins anyway so it wouldn't matter even if you had kids.
Plus I'm pretty sure dating a chick slightly older than you is going to be fucking great. She will be less needy and more skilled.

Best the shit out of her. It'll give her a taste of home.

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I'm just worried that the fact she is going for a younger guy like me is because she can't get someone her age.

date her, she looks really hot

fuck her if virginity is not importend to her
i know many moslems and christians have a problem with sex befor marriage

or she just likes younger guys ;)

Gift her a IED. Those types love playing with those things ;)

Do you have a picture of her OP?

>Also, repent and accept that Jesus is God in the flesh and died for your sins
Muslims don't deny Jesus. He just wasn't the prophet. Muhammed was.

tell her brothers to get her stoned

challenger shuttle exploded because usa engineers used imperial instead of metric measurements for half the project
boeing engineers go out on weekend get raped by horse and murdered
fragile x syndrome runs nsa

God wills it.

This is how you learn to talk to girls. You don’t have to marry her. Talk to her. Worst case scenario you have to find a new sandwich place.


Best case you get to declare jihad on that ass

Just fuck her then eat your sammich

he is supposed to be the son of god not a prophet. if you denounce a religion do it at least right

Bro.. I knew two hot twins in high school that were hijabs.. what the fuck are you on comes off lol

Call her dummy

Or have fun with your LARP


time for you to start practicing

your donky profeet also mary a 20y older woman

or kill your self you are a turk to fuck turkisch woman you must be gay
by the way alla is a girls name

Fuck her raw, if she gets preggo, tell the males of her family you weren't wed. They will kill her for you.

i think the point is not her muslim head for girls
but that she has the same value system as him therefore wearing it

Leave my country and take her with you. Thanks.

poor bastard

contraception contract nigger

She is obviously more brainy than you. You're just a horny teenager who knows nothing about life and just wants to fuck.

Wtf does that mean retard

I could maybe just fuck her, but am just worried that she wants more.

She probably does. Go fuck your sister or something, Erkan

>hot, BUT wears a hijab

Regardless.. wtf is this.. a fucking Muslim PSA

kys and die

Hier mal nen Rat, sie will es definitv, also schreib ihr einfach mit Hey, deinem Namen und dann einfach "hast du Lust mit mir "insert name here" zu gehen?" super easy das kannst du nicht verkacken weil du sie nicht mehr von dir überzeugen musst. Wenn du dich nicht trast, gib mir die Nummer dann knall ich sie. By the way mit älteren Mädechen zu ficken ist so viel besser, glaub mir sie will nichts festes! Viel Glück man

Back in the day, I had almost the exact same opportunity as you (I was 18, she was 26, Iranian, didn't wear a hijab, though). I didn't do shit, and I regret it to this day. A year later, I asked her out on Valentine's Day via FB, but she had moved to England and opened a cake shop.

Btw, 8 years difference does not mean shit. You will understand that in 8 years.

i fucked a 30 year old women when i was 20 best thing i ever did

Who gives a fuck.. this thread is fucking moronic

It's 1 of 3 things:

1. This little faggot got a chicks number, has no friends because anyone outside of a 5min interaction hates him; so he came here for attention kuz he thinks he's king shit player that deflects solid advice so more recognition flows


3. A Muslim PSA because America and/or some other entity knows this place is degen af and could use some education

>Nigger she will not instantly want to attach herself to you for life.
she's a muslim, she's 26 living in turkey, wearing the hijab
OP knows his culture, this means she wants commitment
heavens all girls do in turkey, the sexual market is rough there
her above attributes just make it more obvious
OP is right to wonder because he's 18 without special assets like a rich family or a great career prospect
OP could answer all his questions by spending ore time talking with her, but all in all she is in control because he is so inexperienced and she's not

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so this is what roachgerman sounds like

just fuck your sisters instead. They likely won't cause as much trouble.

>be me 18 y/o Turk living in Germany
>in Germany
>she's a muslim, she's 26 living in turkey,
>in turkey
wearing the hijab
sound about right

>Muslims don't deny Jesus. He just wasn't the prophet.
which is denying jesus
it's as if i said mohammad was just a guy.
the muslims' jesus is window dressing removed of all his messiah attributes

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You said you think she's cute and you chat, what does it matter to you if she can't get someone her own age.
Is it a trophy or a status symbol you want?

means ur a schizophrenic retard

Just texted her something like 'hey, the sandwhich tasted really good and your number was a nice little bonus'

>has no friends because anyone outside of a 5min interaction hates him
Sounds like projection

she wants more
if she just wants to fuck she could get a random german dude
but for marriage it must be some turk because family acceptance.
marry her and wait until you get cucked by superior arian dick

Scoop her up user, get a feel for her and her family and if you don't like it leave.

>I don't know how to talk with girls
Well obviously you do because what you've been doing works so keep doing that

she doesnt care about age, just provider/protector abilities
being 18 makes you much less able to fulfill those roles
you're just a tool to a woman, whoever you are anyway
women dont see men as people, but as objects which can be useful or not, safe or dangerous
you want to stick your dick inside a female fuckhole or three, she wants the guy that will provide her with the life she feels she deserves
and in turkey they all feel they deserve marriage by a high value guy which they will treat like a beta provider, or so i heard from a friend
basically the muslim culture agremented with western-tier woman rights (turkey isnt afghanistan) makes women more entitled, not less
>they know they dont have to put out before commitment
>they know their family will protect them and help them get the one good slave for life they deserve
>you're just cattle to women, always remember. You're not people. You're servant. They dont care about you only insofar as it makes you a better servant.

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