What loli part is best loli part?

what loli part is best loli part?

and why is it the loli butt?

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Loli face > loli voice > loli belly > loli butt > loli hands

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the smile.

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shhh cowli is sleeping

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Good game

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I play it for the plot

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Legs > Butt > Tummy > Chest > Face

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Mabel belly

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Hello fellow loli lovers, Count here, much earlier than usual...
If anyone wants anything drawn, I'll take one, maybe two prompts... aren't gonna be colored pieces, I don't have time for that today.
Quality not guaranteed, ranges randomly between "hilariously bad" and "somewhat acceptable".
Don't like what I do? Just ignore me, and have a good day.
All previous stuff at: pixiv.net/en/users/35363121

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Im looking for threads like in the game

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How about a loli butt?

What program do you use for your stuff?

Drawing of any loli mitsudomoe characters

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Alright. Loli butt coming soon

Painttool SAI V2


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Am I still banned?

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What is she from?

More of her


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I wish

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I thought it said; Permanent

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Guess you got off on good behavior

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