If you were paid 200000 a year to be permanently naked- would you? You would have full immunity to any legal trouble...

If you were paid 200000 a year to be permanently naked- would you? You would have full immunity to any legal trouble, and would have full rights to the same life you have now.

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I’d need to be naked around my family. I’d have to go down the street with people disgustedly looking at me. 200k just isn’t enough. Honestly I can’t really think of a number. I’d lose my freedom for life essentially.

I live alone so yeah, I would do the same shit i do now but naked and get money too.

Hell fucking yeah, anyone who bitches at me is just jealous. Imagine never needing to work again and all you gotta do is whip out the ol schlong and balls combo

I live in Florida now, so sure. Before that I lived in the frigid North, 30 below zero and naked... No.

I actually wouldn't have a problem with seeing my family. My mom actually knows I'm a Nudist... I was actually totally naked around her and my girlfriend on Christmas Eve when she came over

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As long as you're healthy there's nothing disgusting in looking at a naked human. I look at naked old people all the tine as long as the body works as nature intended it's beautiful

Hell yeah I would. I’d finally have enough money to get some decent clothes.

>full immunity to any legal trouble
Full immunity to weather conditions would be a better idea here. Am I at least allowed to wear shoes?

Here is an actual pic

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Naked old bodies can reeeeeeally push the boundaries of beauty user

Sign me up, it won't be much different to my current life apart from the extra money

Sure, why not. I am used to people laughing at me all the time, so this wouldn't really change anything.

clotes r also protection of the enviorment
but id do it for some years

this is what in thinkin lol

This is also me jacking off another time she came over... We were also doing blow but it did happen

Technically you have full immunity to walk down the street with a raging boner while making eye contact with people. Browse the mall with your dick out in full view of people’s kids. You can stand inside a train and just helicopter your meat and nobody can say shit. Fucking possibilities are endless with enough confidence

200000 what?


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Here's a really cool shot of me firing a huge load in front my mom. It's not sexual just kind of our sense of humor

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Yes. I don't go out much.

Probably move further south though

How would that work

Is that you and your mum? No way! Must be nice to be completely shame free, I mean that in a good way. Is your mom a nudist too? More pics please!

Yes, but I'd move somewhere warmer and dryer after the first year. It's between 30 and 75 F here, and rainy 300 days a year.

Thanks... I'm glad someone can understand. Here's me and my neighbor

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Hell yeah

And no, Ive actually never seen my mom naked since I was a small kid. My mom and my gf always wear clothes

Old pic

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Absolutely I'll actually like it