Does the busdriver notice if i steal

Does the busdriver notice if i steal

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Wtf even is this ?

Fucking niggers. This is why we cant have nice things. What the fuck would you even do with that.

Yes because it'll be a pain in the ass to remove. It's not just hanging there - that thing in the handle will basically need to break off. Shouldn't be too hard, but it'll be obvious.

Window smasher in case the bus gets flipped.

A safety hammer
You use it to break a window in case if emergency

It's the thing you use to break open the window on a bus or train. Useless otherwise, but OP is a nig so he wants it.

I always wanted to try and steal one as well, just for the sake of it

Yes, he sees if you, the only 10 year old faggot in the bus, try to steal it.

Steal it and yella unga bunga so the cops make sure to shoot the right nigger.

yes, you see the tiny vents in the holder?
Contains an alarm which triggers when you remove the hammer.

I'm white tho

Ah you should have let him nig out

oh fuck
this was a lie

Is all of your family trash, or just you?

Your skin doesn't matter, if you steal you're a nigger

Yes the driver is going to notice. I once saw sokeone take it and an alarm went off + the doors started to act fucky for the whole ride.

Nigger is a state of being you dumb nigger

1) Why the fuck would you?
2) Yes, there is a sensor on them. Once had a terrible ride because one of those things would remain in place properly

You see those things?
Don't you think they look like speakers?
Why is the hammer on such a thick box?
Must really make you think, hmm?
Instead on a screw, it is on such a thick box.
Just as thick as you are.

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Will notice & kick your ass idiot, there is a tamper switch under it.

No, and he'd likely not give a fuck either. Why would you steal a piece of shit window breaker anyway? That thing is worth less than 1$.

Taking that will throttle / kill the bus engine, depressurize the door hydraulics (making them open freely) and set off a loud alarm. It is meant to be used in an emergency situation you know.

use it to break into cars


You can do the same with a metal stick, a brick, a hammer, or anything else, really.

The easiest is a piece of porcelain insulation from a spark plug, electrical fuse or something. Break 'em to pieces and throw a small one at a window, it will instantly shatter.

Or a knife with a built in window breaker.


OP, steal the thing, and turn this into an epic thread

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Fucking nigger why do you have to steal everything
There so fucking cheap
Use your goddamn welfare money to buy one

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It will be alarmed as to alert other passengers of the "emergency"