Wwyd thread be brutal as you want

Wwyd thread be brutal as you want

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Holy shit you're sad.

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would eat her pussy and lick her sexy body for hours right at the poolside

I’m less sad more just aimlessly listing through life but thanks for the concern

Choke her until she passes out the hit that limp body from the back

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Help her learn how to take better nudes bitch sucks

I would pay her money for sex

Her facial expression is comical, that being said kick her in the head and fuck her face

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How much you think you’d have to pay?

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Anyone want to chat about girls on discord? hmu: greatscot#5877

300$ half hour, 400$ full.

you will get her back all revved down and ready for a bath

Walk past and replay halo

How much for an entire night

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Finally someone that gets it, she clearly loves swimming

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26KB? Did she take this on a Nokia 3310? No this still isn’t much better. She needs help

i think . i would pay 700 usd, as long as i can do anything i want to her


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She looks like she comes from a solid upbringing she’d laugh at those numbers let’s be honest.

wwyd to this innocent redhead

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You act like she’d be choosing the prices? 700 seems fair but it would be at least a 1000 If she has too many bruises

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Lol poses in bra and panties “innocent” tail that bitch out or run a train with a few good friends

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i lied shes not innocent

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scene from irreversible

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Try and figure out how I managed to arrive back in 2007

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how fuck her up properly

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ruin her

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Take your pick

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Fuck. You got discord?

Fat tits need binding up and whipping while shes assraped


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Drop yours


Choose your victim

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What is the point of these massively autistic threads

post her being opened up by her PE teacher


Invite her to dinner. Tell her I know this great place but it's in a sketchy part of town. Go to soul food kitchen in blackest part of Philly. We get a bottle of wine with dinner. Huge dinner of pork roast, cornbread, collard greens, and--for her--LSD. As she starts coming on to the acid, I keep her calm, but start mind games, like pretending I can't understand what she is saying, repeating myself, asking her the same question multiple times, stuff like that. Once she really starts freaking out, I excuse myself to go the restroom, but actually I leave by the rear exit.

Each one is posted to annoy you and only you. We hate doing them, but we know how much you enjoy feeling superior to us.