I love being a stripper. I make $300+ a day (after tip out), I can come to work and leave whenever I please...

I love being a stripper. I make $300+ a day (after tip out), I can come to work and leave whenever I please, and I get complimented constantly. What job can seriously compete?

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You need to be pregnant

Fortune 500 CEO

the kind that has a sharpie in your pooper with time stamp and boobies. otherwise get the fuck out larpy faggy fag faggot.

300/day? what part of oklahoma do you live in?


That seems quite good. I hope you're managing your income wisely, because unless you've already got the education and training behind you for when stripping becomes unviable then you need to be financially secure to move in a new direction

I make 160 in an hour as a financial director.
I fuck bitches like you with my customers in Zürich

CNC woodworking. I literally just feed my machine plywood in the shop behind my house all day and gross $30k a month. That's $1000 a day in my pocket, while I switch out sheets of ply or bits about once an hour for 8 hours, feed the results through a sprayer, then ship the next day. I make so much money doing this that I had to move to WA from OR because the income taxes were killing me-- it was costing me about $25k in taxes to stay.

I make 0 an hour, NEET here
how can you even compete?

If you're so content, why are you on here seeking validation

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Even the ugliest rippers I've met pull 8 bills a on a shitty night. Nice b8

>I literally just feed my machine plywood in the shop behind my house all day

that seem so fun to do.

Seems legit

that body though :o

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twitch thot
you can do better moneywise and you don't have to leave the house

>gross $30k a month
Your business, or you via salary?

Surely you could get a break by taking some of that as bulk dividends? I don't know USA tax laws but that's what we do over here.

I'd put up with the boredom if I was netting 1k a day.

It's like printing money. I spend the hours between making high end furniture, mostly live-edge and log. Or brewing beer. Both are a lot of fun.

Or fucking around here, if I'm not feeling productive.

can you hire me?

>I'd put up with the boredom if I was netting 1k a day.

Easier said than done.

People with way more money than that kill themselves every day. Or develop a drug addiction/alcoholism, or end up in depression because their life is empty.

A job that requires skill and where you actually accomplish something meaningful. But you are a woman so I don't expect you to understand that.

I make 74k a year as a truck driver, and I only work half the week.
I can go wherever I want in the US and be paid to do so, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places this country has to offer.

>Your business, or you via salary?
The business, which is basically just me. I run it as a c corp to maximize write offs, but then it's mostly just salary unless I'm spending for new equipment or other ventures like brewing.

Dividends get pretty complicated in a small business here, but if your income isn't in the millions they don't look very close at expenses, so I can write of most of my life, really.

Problem is, it's a short term gig.

How did you get into it?

That's actually a fair point. Some people could do it, I might well go bonkers.

To just go herp derp and move ply around? Really, all the skilled work us done. It's all set up, all my products are programmed, UPS comes every day, and ply is delivered once a week. I'd be hiring you to do almost nothing.

Fair enough - they're starting to get arsey about dividends here as well. Sounds like you've got a pretty good lifestyle setup user!

I can cook for you lol
ex chef

Woodworking was a hobby. I ran a software company for 10 years, then sort of retired. Built myself a CNC for fun, messed around on it for a couple years and started making a few grand a month. Which destroyed the CNC I made (it was not a production machine). So I bought a nice $35k CNC and it just snowballed from there.

It's better than my previous life for sure. 60-70 hours a week in software just about killed me.

Maybe if you look like OP's pic...

But yeah, I'd rather do my job than strip for $300 a day.

Nothing means anything to me except my art but that's extremely hard to be successful in.

Not if you save right.

I guess that could be nice if you like driving but that certainly is not for me.

for people without honor you certainly reached the top paying job

Post tits or gtfo.

Take some advice from an user with an art degree: get a job, make money, live cheaply, and find a way to make art you like that will sell in your spare time. Find the right compromise between your art and reality.

Saving is different that having a career for life

What are your career options past 30?

I bet you vote Bernie to huh



>as a truck driver

Stopped reading. Uneducated, parasitical, psychopathic, creepy, rapist, macho, entitled man child psychopaths. Pure bottom feeders. The lowest form of human life.

I get 230usd with 8 hour "work" 5 days a week and have 2-3 hours of "filler" each day where I can boots of the ground and watch netflix and shit.

I rather take that over running around with borderline sex offenders

I only know one long-term truck driver, and he's a complete redneck but he's a good guy. Has a couple of good kids, pretty cool wife, and a nice house in the country. Uneducated probably applies, but degrees aren't everything.