Rekt. Lets do it

Rekt. Lets do it.

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First i thought they were doing a gadaffi on him, then that they were pulling drugs out of there.. what´s the story?

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He raped the best looking goat that belonged to the local mulla.

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fake as your life

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Life as your fake.

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Before this rekt thread gets flooded with nigger pavement apes acting like rabid animals like they all do..serious question....why the fuck cant these sickle-cell infested monkeys act like modern human beings. They simply cannot help themselves from behaving like rabid lawless animals, why the fuck aren't the rounded up and shipped back to Africa in cargo ships so theys can go be kangs and kill each other off.No race likes these blue gum knuckle dragging government leaches.

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What it's this story?

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Why are low test "white" incels always the most racist, intolerant, condescending assholes in every facit of society?

Why did cars appear out of nowhere? Why do they walk away as if barely nothing happened? Bad editing

there's no way this is real

Wtf is going on here?

Balls off.

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The fuck?

did they cut his balls off or did they stick a knife up his arse

Balls off.

Because niggers(not black people) are the scum of the earth.

>>Implying there are blacks who are people

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Is that Nick Cage?

There are black people more productive than you, so what does that make you?

Date gone wrong

I know his career is fucked, well now that you mention it.

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>you will shit in the street Pajeet

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There are ants that are more productive then any human that doesn't make them human

More violent = More Productive in the nigger world.

Haha stupid bikers

Just because humans are white doesn't mean blacks can't be treated special.

hell on earth

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Weak Shit

Oh for sure. Some people like dogs and cats and treat them nice and some people like blacks and treat them real nice. But it's important to realize that blacks are wild animals they may seem nice and friendly sometimes but you never know when your pet chimp is gonna go nuts and beat the shit out of you

says the tard with no contriboot

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Better to post nothing than weak fake shit

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if fake thats a lot of effort to put into a video.
like it would cost a lot of money to make a fake body just to cut up... and this guy looks like he knows what hes doing.

also note. real gore and hollywood gore are very different.

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are you reterded ?


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Hi nigger, didn't get any benefits today?

yes he is more reterded than reterd who cant spell but atleast can tell if video is fake or not


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because despite the objective facts to the contrary; we are all equal. Absurd

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Uh... No?

armchair quarterbacking at it's best. Go stare at a wall for entertainment, then.

Is he chopping off his balls or is he sticking something up his ass?

Balls off.

tbh he dindu nuffin as he was clearly provoked - it was the victim's fault

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Surprised fried chicken and koolaid didn't pour out of that fat niggers leg like ghetto pinata

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That first shot knocked the skittles out of em.

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