Hot for teacher thread: candids preferred or in general clasroom pics; only real teachers pls

Hot for teacher thread: candids preferred or in general clasroom pics; only real teachers pls

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for gods sake what kind of teacher writes in cursive on a board. just makes it 100% harder for kids who dont write that way to read.

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Nigger spotted

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Die, nigger!

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Then fail, pussy.

The only good thing that 9gag every brought us

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Go be kangs in primitive aids infected Africa pavement apes

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cute man

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Right is a teacher now, left is a classroom assistant

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I have all the leaked win

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I want to cum on this teacher's face

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Who are you talking to?

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moar of her user

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So take it we be seeing nothing of it then

mouth needs filling with cum, moar

Her mouth can fit in a lot for sure :)

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any less clothed pics of her user?

O boy do i want to breed that bitch

Imagine not being able to read or write cursive.

Found the tard.

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lucky kid getting to suck on her tits, moar


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Is that you accepting your award? It definitely is, isn't it.

extra curricular sex ed lessons from her please

Current status. Laying in bed with a teacher and our nurse gf. Life doesn't suck.

pics or it didn't happen kek

COPP thread here:
/viewtopic.php? f=5&t= 242847

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when i was teaching at my university during grad school i dicked down a few of my students if that matters in this thread
AMA i guess?

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Had to cover, as per their request. Nurse in the middle

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Exactly the type of teacher I wouldn't want near my kids
Probably goes off spouting her personal beliefs and tells the kids how everyone else is wrong
This bitch looks like the kind of person who would call for everything feminist but then when someone asks her to do something she claims she doesn't have to because she's a woman

Nice dubs

keep them cumming user, tits out for Sup Forums

moar bikini user

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damn she's hot

No she's not. Don't reply to yourself.

I didnt upload it retard
she's fcking hot

Need moar of this teacher bitch

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second share moar user

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strip her user

lol that's like a threesome participation trophy

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Anyone wanna chat about hot teachers and fantasies you have about them? hmu on discord: greatscot#5877

sweet tits need displaying in all their glory user

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All three of them

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if you dont have a classroom pic, you can fuck off, they dont look like teachers at all

any badass got clothed & unclothed of a teacher?

and all 3 naked user

@pixie_primary on IG

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She looks incredible with that smile on. Would fall in love during her classes/10

Who would watch me pound my hot gym teacher?

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Post it

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perfect thicc legs, moar of her user with face

Unfortunately she was always very conservative with her clothing, this is the only "revealing" pic i have of her

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God damn!

She always hid her curves very well, but here she was pregnant and her titties got extra juicy... guess she just couldn't contain them as effectively as usual :)

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and her 2 friends? undress them user

Don't believe me if you don't want to but you sure you don't want more like this?

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look at dat pussy , moar?

left is thicc as fuck perfect to have hours of fun inside, moar of her user

Sorry I dont have more of them, here's another that works with them in the same school

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she will do, moar, less clothes

U got discord?

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you fucked any of them user? keep them cumming

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