Whats the best way to insult a german

Whats the best way to insult a german

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Refuse to shit on his chest.

Just call him a nazi. Germans get trained by their society to get a high bloodpressure in that case. Only if he actually is a nazi it won't work.

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Tell them they couldn't have possibly illed 6 million. It insults their pride in efficiency.

Call him an ugly Russian. They hate that.
Source: I called a German an ugly Russian. He hated it

Nah actual Nazis here get offended when you call them what they are

Just assume he is French he ain't gonna like that shit.

Smile at them and say hello. They hate that.

The French and Germans get along really well

because for fags like you everyone not a fag is a nazi. du kleiner hurensohn las doch treffen und ich brech dir deine fresse du bastard


ask him to pass the juice

Sing the original Deutschlandlied.
It goes like
>Deutschland, Deutschland über Allahes
>über Allahes in der Welt

Nah there are plenty of literal Nazis, you don't have to get offended on their behalf but it's funny that you did

I am German. Don't call anybody nazi or use Hitler as a joke. Nobody in my age getting upset by this, it's just annoying. When you want to annoy somebody, that's your way to go.

When u want to insult Germans, call them a lousy jew or antisemitic as much you can. Chance is really high, that you insult a German with Turkish or Arabian heritage and they hate that.


Call him juden

Tell him that German and Dutch are the same language and should be the same country

haha this

Tell him that if he worked a little bit harder Greek wouldn’t be in a financial mess

>a German with Turkish or Arabian heritage
>a German
>with Turkish or Arabian heritage

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Trick question. Germans are self-insulting.

*Jude. Juden is plural. One person can only be one jew, not several at the same time.

what if a person contains so much jewness which will be enough for several standard jews?