Quads in thread: I push the lever, cut off my dick

Quads in thread: I push the lever, cut off my dick.

Dubs or trips: I take my dick out and wank.

Choose my fate Sup Forums

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Cut it off

Fuck. I guess post yourself wanking it



Needs cutting off

It Quads, OP must not cut off dick, but must leave Sup Forums forever.


Where did you get that cock guillotine OP? make it yourself or buy it somewhere

learn to read thread retards

just post moar of your dick pls

If quads you leave Sup Forums forever and don’t guillotine your cock n balls



Remove penis

This is one of the few times where I’ll ask for a time stamp

Even setting this picture up is just a terrible idea if there's actually a blade there. Imagine having to go to the hospital and say 'well, I was playing with a cock guillotine and then something fell on the lever.'

don't do it man
a penis is sacred, it has to live

Quads take priority

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Post timestamp

Faggot wont deliver. OP is gay. Always.

quads override