Got a girl solidly passed out on my couch in my apartment, wat should I do to her anons?

Got a girl solidly passed out on my couch in my apartment, wat should I do to her anons?

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Pic. Timestamp or gtfo

Put a blanket over her to keep her warm
Let her sleep nicely
Give her coffee tomorrow morning
Enjoy wholesome morning with frend :3

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Shave some of her head obviously

Make her a bowl of eggs and don't let her leave until she eats them


Seems to be the best idea

Timestamp proof

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Tonguepunch her fartbox

Some gay comments on this thread

Let's see the tits / ass

if singles, rape
if odds, shit on face

don't forget to force feed her the eggs if you have to.

she has to have eggs

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Let's see dem feets

Let’s see the titties

rape her. how is that even a question

Get her nude

what you should do from here depends on how she got there in the first place.

pic of her tits with story?

shave one of her eyebrows and/or give her a sharpie hitler moustache

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Want to rape not sure wat to do, not very imaginative and tbh thought crowd sourcing sleep assault ideas was good

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Shit on her face.
>dubs delivar

From my old highschool, came to buy drugs, got too high, safely unconcious

Fuck her and bust inside

she your friend, couchsurfer, or what?

Relax boys. We got all night
First, get better shot and lighting for god sake OP

that is a great fucking story. Are you the drug dealer or the friend goes with?

her tits are fucking nice

Rape answers are obvious troll bud.
You'd be a fucking tard to think about it seriously.

Get fully her naked.Get cord/rope tie hands down. Jic. Proceed to fuck her butthole. Pix of butthole now lol

Shes a you lady who just got into drugs, clean, healthy, not a friend, I sell things of sorts

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cute, she came ready to play

burn her

She shaved. It’s a go

Gonna put my cock in and see if she wakes up, cant wait anymore

Wmv Sup Forumsro

Wait, for real?

piece of shit

Im pretty scared you Sup Forumsros are gonna get me caught, hence why no vid of face of girl

wake her up and feed her a bowl of eggs

tthats the spirit!

don't rape her, its not a good idea for either of you

Should I not fuck her?

Leave her alone, maybe wait for her to wake up and make her some tea, or maybe some yoghurt

been there done that
after she sobered up, she fucked me again lol

Imagine for a second the shit you're gonna get into if she wakes up, discovers anything about what you've done or suspects something went down

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I recognize that. 403. You’s in trouble


Had myself a giggle to this earlier today, "..why are you doing this?!" Gets me evrytiem

Don't fucking rape her it's absolutely Stupid.

there's drugs involved, you can just frame her ass


just wake she is totally wasted and would propably even give consent

Why so many white knights?

This is stupid if you know what consent mean ffs.
Maybe she got aids too, would be very clever of you to get sick like this op.

I know your hopped on drugs.. vut I would leave her b and just get some rest... Sup Forums won't be there to give you ideas when you're facing rape charges... and you'll fuck up this girl for life

shut up faggot, op is just larping with his gf
now gtfo off my Sup Forums

What's even the point of fucking a drugged person. You could just buy a fleshlight you fag, it would be the fucking same, but without AIDS

Never get high on your own supply dweeb

>You could just buy a fleshlight you fag, it would be the fucking same
Virgin detected. A cold rubber block in no way feels the same as a warm, wet, living breathing human vagina.

You better be typing this with your cock in her ass for the 3rd time.

It’s not white knighting to tell a dude not to rape some bitch.

It’s sensible. Even if you throw out the fact that rape is immoral, and unethical, it’s still totally against your best interests to engage in criminal activity that could result in your Incarceration and exile from both Any future social circles and any future gainful employment.

[Spoiler] You fucking Retard. [/Spoiler]

White knights is coming to the aid of a woman just kuz you're a betacuck that thinks you'll be rewarded with her pussy because deep down your worse than the guy shitting on her because it was always about you

We are simply against violent acts of rape, beyond the meme

Just eat her ass!!

Wow leddit must be down right now

You don't fucking think I've taken that into consideration?.. on the offshoot he is off his skull, I've seen the depravity it can take you too, so beyond who you really are

youre risking getting rape charges, having your whole famiy hate you, going to jail and traumatising some girl just to coom.

I'm 99% sure this is roleplay

my mouth is going to live inside the insides of her rectum

so shes comf in totality x xx

draw a schlong on her head

>my Sup Forums

Ok little boy

You would know, Newfag.

Eh guys I got a girl I don't know on my couch better ruin this by sticking my dick in her ass uhh guys amirite
I don't care Prison if I get to coooooommmm

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we reddit now. Can't even get a decent larp going.

Based answer.

be good and receive blessings, user

crazy poster

White knights out, fun started

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Is she hot? Does she make you diamonds?
Give in to your primal instincts and fill her with cum.

what the fuck

obv gf lol

I'm calling bs

Nice .exif data you forgot to scrub. Glad you took that pic with a phone connected locally. Makes it real easy to get your location.

>inb4 it’s just a larp bro

So hot, had to stop, almost came, and need a plan for cleanup and load position lol

Is she wet?

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Are people actually believing this isn’t just a roleplay between two consenting parties?

Nice cock

Just treat her like a guy who passed out at your place.
>Draw dicks on her face with a Sharpie
>Use her credit card to get pizza
>Fart in her mouth
You know, just like you would with any dude.

Lol not a phone but if you wanna dig then i can stop the pics, was about to assfuck

Obviously what is going on here. No girl would sleep through that, lol.

>girl solidly passed

liquidate her

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Oh ya stick your dick up a sleeping girls ass with no lube or warming it up/stretching it out first. Totally what is happening..

> not a phone

Lmao device ID begs to differ. Date ID on File type is also formatted that way. Last chance to admit you’re full of shit :)

I thrusted pretty hard and she winced but not even close to waking

lol be alpha in prison, that's gonna be worth it

I don't know who is more retarded. Guy who said fleshlight is same as pussy or this LARP'ing faggot.

Fingering and spit for prep, i got time

No you didn't and you're dumb.

>i got time

No you don't.