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programming languages is the one out of those thats most likely going to get you a job

Data science if you want cash

cyber security is a pretty good choice as well

programming languages likely refers to learning how to make programming languages and how they work.
I don't think there's a very big market for that

I took data science and machine learning classes and they were boring as fuck. Programming classes and cyber security were the most interesting. But its up to you. You might like the former more than the latter. Dip your toes in both and see which you like better.

One of the top 3 on that list if those are separate choices. For languages, R, Python, & SQL will handle most of what gets thrown at you for a data scientist.

For data engineering you will need the same plus more languages & knowledge of things such as building a data warehouse, info sec, etc. It really depends on company and their stack.

Data engineer/machine learning engineer salaries are right up there with data scientists. Info security engineers is also really hot right now too

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Scientific computing will get you in a national lab, probably, maybe. Machine learning gets you money. Security is fun.

so anyone who thinks machine learning isnt data science has not done his homework

Just make sure you are not becoming a code monkey, as their job will become obsolete in 5 years thanks to AI. Cyber security is probably your safest bet.

Unit lists...
Machine Learning
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Data Science
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Maybe I should've included these to begin with.

3 year course.. so too late to do AI but cyber security will last long due to nature of it?

>code monkey
Already redundant. Unless you are happy to compete against pajeet for his $10 / hr

There are still some areas who use classical methods, but, yeah, I'm doing data science right now and it's just machine learning.

Code itself has been secure enough to prevent attacks, except for off-shoot ones like wannacry, but the main avenue for security threats are now humans. And we will probably not change much, so you need to keep teaching new kiddos to be safe and secure.

cyber security = $$$$$$ for an easy job
data science = $$$$$$ for a boring job
machine learning = interestring but hard and challenging job
programming languages = enjoy being paid minimum wages working with pajeet
scientific computing = idk

I take programming classes, end goal is software developer and a cushy job.

>Reasoning About Programs
Is this the common core version of CS?

idk but i can do it without picking a major.. just have to do other units

Programming or cyber security if you don't want to work the help desk your entire career. Just know that you will need to get certified too if you want to make it past all the sand niggers with H1B visas.