Doc martens brings to you the ultimate curb stomping boot

Doc martens brings to you the ultimate curb stomping boot.

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Sleek, comfortable and stylish, curb stomp non whites in style as the last thing that kills them is an iconic art style of European art

You are now the angel of death against all minorities.

the conductor of death, the scales of Justice, sing brother sing!

10/10, would romp and stomp!

shut up faggot

i dont have my red laces yet

Damn, that is a mighty fine pair of boots. But not everybody has $150 and a fucking ridiculous wardrobe to support the wearing of these boots.

Granted, it's all in the technique with a shoe like this (and don't skip leg day,) but with the soles so thin, you really get to feel a satisfying "crunch" every time. Priced at 80$, this is the absolute best deal you're going to get from a shoe in terms of looks, comfort, fit and quality. It's the perfect casual shoe for the "Emergency stomp," and they're so damn warm and comfy, not to mention easy to clean, that I even wear them around the house.

VANS: It's what you throw spics in, what niggers come out of. Now, you can even put em' on your feet. Buy yours now, or you're a nigger lover!

Fuck off /fa/ggot

>original stompers

i prefer rockport though i do own some martens

>not raising hell whereever you go

Rockport. Sperry. LL Bean.
I also like boat shoes.

a little too hectic there. op's boots still best lTT

Lesbian Shoes, god hates gays

Now THIS is viral marketing!

> not using your bare feet or designated builder boots

Most of my shoes have crepe soles. Too soft for curb-stomping properly.

Nice gets

also, are these actually available? or just some art kids doing

The docs made in china are shit, don't buy if they are made in china. The leather is bad quality, they are NOT comfortanle at all (like where is the comfort exactly?) And the tongue of the boot always slips away to the side (ex.: left boot tongue slips to the left after two steps of walking).

Not worth the $130 for being made in china

This is high quality stuff for its price point; the shoe uses two different kinds of leather, both of which are of comparable quality to some of the larger leather companies out there. The shoe really does cling to your feet in a comfortable, dexterous way that enables martial arts. I don't know if I'd wear this in a dojo, per se, but they come highly recommended as casual niggerstompers.

Forgot my second picture.

You know, they still have a line of docs that are made in the UK

luck for you they are on sale

Meerkaters pls, I've seen your work in Sup Forums.

That's fucking gay

>not using wool socks so your toes don't fall off

Too effay for me.
I'll stick to bates


Buying cheap chink boots instead of well made British solovairs.

I have those. They suck. Not water proof in the slightest, someone cries on it and my feet are soaked. No arch support.

They're kinda /fa/ though

Shit, that *is* a pretty good deal. I might have to buy these, if not just as a piece of art.

I wear them casually on sunny days. I personally find them very comfortable.

sick one brah, do they make them in mens, too?

They make grinders it's the English factory that made doc martens


Nice.. it kind of reminds me of that film Romeo + Juliet with all the Catholic art on their guns and weapons and stuff.

too bad they're made in china

well each to his own
personally i think they're for edgy teenagers (either both mentally and physical or just mentally) and the like

thats some gay ass boots. literally mexican village tier.

Steel toe?

I bought these for work about 6 months back so they're pretty scuffed compared to pic.

But, they're comfy, steel toe, top tier nigger stompers. I throw them on for casual wear as well when I'm wearing jeans.

Over priced

Docs are nice shoes but not nearly worth the amount they charge for them.

Only kids buy that shit.

You can go get a pair of red wings that will last a hell of a lot longer and have the same look.

Also, Redwing stores will re-sole your boots and repair damage for a small price.

I fell for the redwing meme. $280 for a the most uncomfortable shit I've ever put on my feet. Returning them to the store this week.

Interesting if not bullshitting.

Always liked them and Ive been wearing them for 15 years.